Dustin Brown had funny exchange with FedEx guy


A FedEx delivery man recently realized that he was delivering a package to Dustin Brown’s house, so he just had to say something. But unlike a person who sees a celebrity or athlete in the streets and doesn’t know what to say, the FedEx guy had at least some time to think. Yet all he could come up with was “Rangers rule!”

As the Stanley Cup Finals showed us, the Rangers don’t rule. The Los Angeles Kings do, which is why they easily defeated the Rangers in five games. Brown more or less pointed that out when he called out the delivery guy on Twitter.

The FedEx guy could have said nothing at all, and that would have been a waste of a great opportunity. We applaud him for the idea — the execution needs a little work.

H/T Extra Mustard

Dustin Brown drops f-bomb in interview after winning Stanley Cup (Video)

And yet another example of why it’s always a risk to broadcast live. Kings captain Dustin Brown was asked after his team beat the Devils 6-1 in Game 6 to win the Stanley Cup if he ever thought the team would win it all. His answer involved a cuss word.

“You never know … that’s why we ****ing play.”

Well said, Dustin. And bonus points for sounding exactly like Brad Pitt’s piker character from “Snatch.”