Eva Longoria still supporting Spurs despite divorce from Tony Parker

Tony Parker Eva LongoriaEva Longoria is still supporting the San Antonio Spurs despite her highly-publicized divorce from the team’s star point guard, Tony Parker.

After the Spurs beat the Miami Heat 92-88 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, the actress tweeted her support for the team and predicted they would win the series in five games:

Longoria is a native of Corpus Christi, which is two hours from San Antonio. She has said she was a Spurs fan even before meeting Parker in 2004. She even tweeted before the NBA Finals began to make that point:

Longoria and Parker became engaged in 2006, married in 2007, and officially divorced in 2011. Longoria reportedly claimed that Parker was involved with the wife of one of his Spurs teammates. She even removed tattoos commemorating her relationship with Parker, so you know the split was bitter. Despite all that, she still supports the team.

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Now, if you thought the Longoria-Spurs romance ended there, you were wrong. Dick Vitale responded to Longoria’s tweet with an awesome one of his own:

Now that is fantastic on several levels. It’s nice to see the Spurs as one big happy family. Ex-wives and all.

Eva Longoria, Mark Sanchez reportedly broke up because he was always upset about Jets losing

The honeymoon phase lasted only a few months for Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria, and as you likely know the two have already split up. According to the most recent report from TMZ.com, the New York Jets’ 3-4 start to the season could be to blame.

The Jets have not gotten off to the start they hoped they would, and Sanchez and the offense have been particularly bad. Marky Mark has had a couple of solid games, but his overall passer rating is an uninspiring 74.6. A source told TMZ that Sanchez was in “such a crappy mood” all the time over New York’s struggles that it strained his relationship with Longoria.

“It’s hard to maintain a relationship when one person is upset all the time,” the source said.

It’s interesting to note that the Jets suffered their toughest loss of the season in overtime to the Patriots on Sunday, and the news of the split came just two days after that. Perhaps the overtime fumble that sealed the loss was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Jets fans will almost certainly feel no sympathy for the model actress. Despite the break-up, Sanchez and Longoria are reportedly committed to remaining friends. Who knows — maybe they’ll get back together if the Jets turn things around and make a playoff push.

Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria have broken up

It is with great sadness that we pass along a report saying Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria have broken up.

US Weekly reports that Sanchez’s representative confirmed the two are no longer together after a few months of dating.

“Mark adores and respects Eva,” Sanchez’s rep told Us. “It really was about scheduling more than anything else. They will remain close friends.”

A rep for Longoria also confirmed the split to TMZ.

Sanchez and Longoria were reported to have been dating in July, and Longoria confirmed their relationship during a September interview.

It’s only a month later the two are no longer together.

This report also explains why Sanchez reportedly was at a club on Friday night dancing and flirting with another girl.

Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria, we hardly knew ye.

Looks like this means it’s time for Sanchez to add another woman to his impressive dating resume.

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Eva Longoria confirms she is dating Mark Sanchez

While some people are denying relationships with NFL players, others are coming clean.

Actress Eva Longoria admitted during an interview with her pal Mario Lopez on “Extra” that she is dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Longoria called Lopez an “a–hole” for putting her on the spot by showing the New York Post cover detailing the story that the two were dating. Instead of denying matters, Longoria admitted the truth.

“Mark and I are, you know, fine,” she said. “We’re happy just dating.”

Sounds to me like it’s an open relationship — which should be perfect for each of them.

So there you have it, Jets fans. If Sanchez rips it up this season (unlikely), you can call Longoria the savior. If he stinks (as we’re expecting), you can call her the Jets’ version of Jessica Simpson.

Below is Longoria’s interview with Lopez, in case you’re inclined to watch:

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Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria appear to be seriously dating

That Eva Longoria sure loves her pro athletes, doesn’t she? Divorced from Tony Parker and reportedly spotted with Matt Kemp earlier this year, the actress seems to have been dating Mark Sanchez for a few months.

We first passed along a report in July that said the two had been on secret dates together, and now the New York Post caught a picture of the two together. They reportedly were having dinner at Sanchez’s home in Bedminster, NJ, when the photo was snapped.

The New York Post reports that Sanchez has had plenty of women over throughout the summer, but Longoria has been around plenty recently. This can’t be good news for Mark. Had he read the breakdown of Tony Parker’s stats, he’d know this could be a curse.


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Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria reportedly seen on several dates together

Even in arguably the most ruthless tabloid city in the country, Mark Sanchez somehow manages to keep his private life somewhat private. From all the rumors we have heard, we get the impression that Sanchez has very few problems with the ladies. Either that or he just has some really attractive friends like Hayden Panettiere, who Marky Mark actually wasn’t dating despite being spotted in public eating burgers with her (it was later discovered that Panettiere was dating Sanchez’s friend Scotty McKnight). The latest rumor about Sanchez’s personal life links him to Eva Longoria.

According to In Touch Magazine, Sanchez and Longoria have been spotted on three “top-secret dates” together. A source told the magazine that they are “testing the waters.”

If the two haven’t been hanging out, someone is making up some pretty elaborate stories about them. The source went on to say that Longoria and Sanchez had drinks with a group of friends at New York’s Hotel Griffou and looked “very comfortable” with each other. Longoria was even reportedly wearing a blond wig as a disguise. Weeks after that, the source says Sanchez and Longoria took a trip to the Caribbean together.

So much for that Matt Kemp rumor I guess. Longoria’s rep confirmed that the 37-year-old did indeed split with her ex-boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, a Spanish singer. Sanchez has also recently been linked to Kate Upton, who is more in his age bracket and equally as great of a catch. If any of these rumors are even a little bit true, it must be nice to be the Jets quarterback.

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Matt Kemp reportedly left Dodger Stadium with Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria attended the Dodgers-Angels Freeway Series exhibition game Tuesday at Dodger Stadium along with one of her “Desperate Housewives” co-stars. According to former GM and current analyst Jim Bowden, Longoria left the stadium with Dodgers all-star Matt Kemp. Bowden says he shared an elevator with Longoria, Kemp, and actor Ricardo Chavira, and then he dropped this bomb:

Longoria divorced Tony Parker a year and a half ago and confirmed that she and Eduardo Cruz broke up last month (though they were spotted together last weekend). The point is that Longoria seems available, and from what we can tell, so is Kemp. It’s also curious that Longoria would go to an exhibition game; if you’re attending a sporting event to be seen, you pick ones that matter.

Bowden could be embellishing and might not have his story right, but we’re hoping his accuracy with gossip reports is higher than his percentage of trades won. As for Dodgers fans, given the way Kemp played before and after dating Rihanna, they better hope there’s absolutely nothing going on with Longoria.