Eva Longoria Reportedly Has Tony Parker Tattoo on Privates, New Boyfriend

It’s funny how it took a divorce from Eva Longoria to make me a fan of the Frenchman, but there’s now finally reasons to like Tony Parker. The Spurs point guard was made out to be the bad guy in his divorce from Longoria initially, all because her public relations staff got her side of the story to the gossip mags. We pointed to reports that Parker was suspicious of Eva’s relationship with Lance Armstrong to show that Longoria was not as innocent as she was made out to be. Now we have more proof.

Longoria has two visible Parker-related tattoos she plans to have removed — one on the back of her neck and the other on the inside of her wrist. She also reportedly has a third “TP” tattoo on her privates that she plans to get removed. If that doesn’t tell you she’s not as innocent as she seems, there’s the report that she’s been shacking up with Eduardo Cruz — Penelope’s little brother. For being so heartbroken six weeks ago, she sure has moved quickly. Again, things are not always as they appear.

Have Spurs, Tony Parker Improved Since Eva Longoria Divorce?

The San Antonio Spurs are fresh off a 15-point win over the Lakers and have the best record in the NBA. They’re 27-4 and have enjoyed winning streaks of nine and 12 games throughout the season. Point guard Tony Parker has had one of his best years, averaging a career high in assists and steals while shooting extremely well. His strong play, coinciding with the team’s impressive play, is especially surprising given the turmoil in his life.

Parker and soon-to-be ex-wife Eva Longoria filed for divorce, with each side suspecting the other of cheating. In light of the team’s stellar season, LBS contributor Big Daddy wondered if Parker and the Spurs have been playing better since the divorce. The hypothesis was so intriguing we had to investigate.


    > Spurs: 9-1 record (.900 winning percentage)
    > Parker: 18.6ppg, 7.6apg, 2.8rpg, 52.4 FG%, 80.9 FT%


    > Spurs: 18-3 record (.857 winning percentage)
    > Parker: 17.6ppg, 6.8apg, 3.3rpg, 51.7 FG%, 69.5 FT%

Parker’s numbers were stronger pretty much across the board prior to the divorce, but both he and the Spurs have played so well the entire season it’s hard to say the Longoria news played any role in their season. The only question is if they’ll be able to stay healthy and keep up their strong year during the playoffs. With Parker playing as well as he is, they sure can.

Tony Parker Reportedly Was Suspicious of Eva Longoria and Lance Armstrong

Whatever distractions Tony Parker has battled since his divorce from Eva Longoria, he hasn’t seemed to be bothered on the court. The Spurs are 18-3 and have the best record in the league while Parker has averaged a career-high 7.1 assists per game. Parker’s also shooting 51.8% from the field and a career-high 79.5% on free throws. The focus he’s maintained is shocking in light of the public beating he’s taken.

Parker’s “loyalty” rating in a video game plummeted to zero, and all the entertainment/girly mags only present Eva’s side of the divorce. Because he’s not best friends with Mario Lopez and because he doesn’t feed stories to People, US Weekly, and E!, he’s depicted as a villanous creature while Eva is painted as the victim in the relationship. That apparently is not the case.

Sports by Brooks shared possible details of Longoria’s promiscuous ways when the news first came out, and it’s the side her people don’t want you to see. Additionally, the National Enquirer is getting behind things as well, revealing a more balanced perspective.

According to the Enquirer, “The latest bombshell in the Desperate Housewives star’s nasty divorce battle has Tony Parker wondering if Eva carried on an affair with bicycling champ Lance Armstrong! … It was Eva’s close ties with fellow Texan and Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong that sent Tony’s suspicions into overdrive.”

Lance Armstrong does not exactly have the cleanest dating record, and his character has been called into question before, so engaging in a relationship with Longoria would not be a surprise. I really don’t care what went on between Parker and Longoria’s sham of a marriage, nor about their cheating partners. But I do care about both sides of a story being told, and this helps people see the other side.

Tony Parker Reportedly Involved with Erin Barry, Brent Barry’s Soon-to-be Ex-Wife

I guess this is what you call a wife swap. Not long after it was announced Eva Longoria filed for a divorce from Tony Parker we found out about several cheating incidents. One was an incident that supposedly took place early in the couple’s marriage. The larger issue at hand seemed to be that Longoria found hundreds of texts exchanged between Tony and a teammate’s wife. Obviously everyone wondered who the teammate was, and according to Bryan A. Graham it’s former teammate Brent Barry.

Brent played with Parker on the Spurs for four seasons from 2004-2008, a period during which San Antonio won two titles. Barry and his wife Erin are apparently going through a divorce. Here’s a picture of the two couples from Jose3030:

Before you go off saying how crazy and off-the-wall this story is, allow me to remind you of Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson. Now that will blow your mind.

Eva Longoria, Tony Parker Getting Divorce, Parker Caught Texting Spurs Wife?

Regardless of how happy and fulfilled Eva Longoria always seemed to be in her relationship with Tony Parker, who actually thought that their marriage was a good fit? Longoria is a major publicity whore and busy carrying out her acting career. Tony is an NBA player traveling all the time for games. How could that possibly work?

Obviously things didn’t as Longoria filed for divorce in LA citing “irreconcilable differences.” You have to love it because the filing comes a day after a rep denied that Parker had filed for divorce in Texas. That was purely semantics, because if things were going well between the couple then the rep would have outright denied the claim and dismissed the entire notion as false.

The story was big enough for a reporter to ask Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich if the issue would bother Parker, and he responded saying he never has problems getting his players focused. I put much more confidence in Popovich to maintain a locker room than Mike Brown, who reportedly had to deal with another similar situation.

More details came out from US Magazine saying Longoria found hundreds of texts from Tony to and from another woman. People Magazine reports Longoria told her buddy A.C. Slater that she found hundreds of texts from the wife of one of Parker’s San Antonio teammates, who was later identified as Brent Barry’s wife. Additionally, Longoria says Parker cheated early in their marriage and still kept in touch with the woman through Facebook.

Yikes, the Spurs are rolling at 8-1, but you have to wonder if this report will hurt the locker room. I say there’s a fair chance that happens.

Thierry Henry You Dog, You

Tony Parker must be used to this type of thing after dating Eva Longoria for so long now.  You get up to leave your seat, somebody is going to stare at your wife’s chest.  It doesn’t really matter if they’re a random fan or a close friend, it’s going to happen.  So when we see a picture of Thierry Henry staring at Eva Longoria’s chest, we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Looks like the Red Bulls new star is already enjoying life in America.  Nothing like taking in a USA-France basketball game with one of the hottest women in the country.

SbB Live via SI Vault

Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez Getting Cozy, Where’s Tony Parker?

Probably not the type of distraction T. Parker can use while his Spurs are on their rodeo, but looks like his wife Eva Longoria has been out getting cozy with Mario Lopez lately. It’s not much of a surprise that Longoria and Lopez are hanging together — their friendship is well-documented — but they’ve been known to have dated in the past. In other words, that can’t be a good sign for Tony and his relationship. Getting to it, Longoria and Lopez were spotted dining together in LA, and Mario was lavishing Eva with quite the gift:

Now I don’t know if Marcellus Wallace would consider this a foot rub, but where I come from, this isn’t exactly appropriate conduct for a married woman. It’s not much of a surprise on Mario’s end — rumors say that’s why Ali Landry divorced him — so this is just poor company for Eva, it would appear. Not exactly what Tony needs right in the heat of the playoff race if you ask me.