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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Fans

Boston Sports Fans Named Top 5 Most Loyal Across All Sports

Boston sports fans are similar to New York and Philly sports fans in that they’re very passionate and widely disliked because of it. But if there is one quality that Boston sports fans have it’s that they’re extremely loyal. Brand Keys conducted its annual sports loyalty test and Patriots, Spurs, Phillies, and Red Wings fans…Read More

Oakland Raiders Nation a Bunch of Frauds

When you think of some of the most passionate, hardcore, dedicated fans in sports, Raiders fans inevitably come to mind. They were the pioneers of the ___ Nation term, originating the “Raider Nation,” which has since been mimicked by several other fan bases. They have one of the most intimidating fan areas around – the…Read More

Chiefs Fan Unhappy After Chargers TD

One fan was not happy with ESPN’s decision to replay San Diego’s touchdown catch by Legedu Naanee. How did he know they were replaying it? No clue, but he expressed his displeasure. Nice win, KC. Stay classy as well.

Guy on Cell Phone at Yankee Game Tries to Save Face

By now you’ve probably seen the classic video of a guy getting hit by a ball in the face at a Yankees game because he was talking on his phone. The video went viral and made its way around the internet almost instantly, likely because there’s so much animosity towards people who yak on their…Read More

Oregon State Fan Not Happy About Losing the Civil War

I thought I had seen bad fan reactions to losses before but this one might rank at the top. The Civil War by itself creates plenty of bad blood, but when there’s a Rose Bowl berth on the line you’re talking about livelihoods at stake. In case you doubted the intensity of the rivalry between…Read More

Dominic Raiola Is Not Remorseful for Flipping Off Lions Fans

I’ll tell you, after hearing Dominic Raiola’s interview Tuesday on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio, I don’t want to see the team go 0-16. At first I did just to spite the organization for being so poorly run; it would be the ultimate insult if they were to go winless. But after hearing…Read More

Nice to See the Fans Show Up for the Puerto Rico Tip-Off Tournament

The O’Reilly Auto Parts Puerto Rico Tip-Off tournament is in effect for the second year in a row, giving us college hoops fans something to watch during the daytime. They have some strong teams participating in the tournament, including Memphis, Xavier, USC, and Virginia Tech. Really, as far as non-conference tourneys go, they have an…Read More

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