Dwyane Wade takes skinny jeans to a whole new level (Picture)

Dwyane Wade has taken many bold fashion steps over the past few years ever since hiring a consultant to dress him. He’s worn the pointless nerd glasses, color-coordinated his finger wraps with his ties, and he even painted his toe nails. Maybe his most notable look was the hot pink pants he wore during the playoffs.

Coming in a close second are the super-skinny pants he wore on a recent team flight.

Heat teammate LeBron James was so struck by the pants that he shared a picture of them on Twitter and Instagram, saying Wade was “taking fashion to a whole new level with these pants.”

What do you think? Is Wade setting a fashion trend or is this a look he should ditch? I know what my answer is: toss em!

Photo via LeBron James/Twitter

Brandon Phillips rocks his Ray Ban sunglasses in interview after loss (Picture)

The Reds have a crucial Game 5 of the NLDS upcoming against the Giants on Thursday afternoon, and Brandon Phillips looked ready for it on Wednesday night despite his team’s loss. After San Francisco defeated Cincinnati 8-3 to even the series at 2-2, Phillips rocked his Ray Ban sunglasses while talking to reporters.

Some of you may think this a good look, but others will probably point to the fact that Phillips was wearing his sunglasses at night, was indoors and was trying to make a fashion statement after a loss. Until he starts wearing gnarly jean jackets and ridiculous shoes to his press conferences after playoff games (win or lose), the Reds second baseman will not be on Russell Westbrook’s level. But wearing Ray Ban’s at a completely inappropriate time is certainly a start.

Victoria Azarenka forced to change into white shirt during practice at Wimbledon (Pictures)

It is a well-known fact throughout the tennis world that players must wear white on the court when competing at Wimbledon. The strict dress code is an old English tradition, and Andre Agassi even skipped the tournament several times when he was younger because he refused to comply with the “predominantly white” policy. Earlier this week, Victoria Azarenka took to the practice court wearing the yellow t-shirt you see above to prepare for her match against Serena Williams. The rules apparently apply to practice rounds as well, and tournament officials forced her to change into the shirt you see below.

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Conan O’Brien makes fun of NBA players’ curious fashion sense (Video)

This NBA postseason, the postgame pressers have almost become more about player fashion rather than the actual comments and insights being made.

Glassesfish hooks, matching turquoise finger wraps, more glassessparkles and, of course, even more glasses. Obviously, with Russell Westbrook alone, it’s getting to be too much.

Even Conan O’Brien recognizes this shift toward the pages of Banana Republic and Lacoste catalogs. So, Conan decided to lampoon the growing trend of players becoming unlikely fashionistas with a bit on his talk show Monday night. And it was superb:

This is really funny and all, Conan, but just hope you didn’t give Westbrook any more ideas.

Video via Team Coco

Dwyane Wade’s hot pink pants earn him a flagrant fashion foul (Picture)

Dwyane Wade wore the hot pink pants you see above before and after his team’s close-out win in Game 6 against the Pacers on Thursday. The pants were so awful they drew jeers inside the NBA TV studios, and prompted host Rick Kamla to call it “a flagrant foul of fashion.”

Wade apparently heard the criticism, so he opened up his postgame press conference saying, “Start off this interview by saying I know they’re killing me in the studio over my pants. They’re just mad because they can’t pull it off.”

When you go 17-25 for 41 points and 10 rebounds, you can wear whatever color pants you want. Russell Westbrook knows something about that.

Here’s a video showing Dwyane Wade’s pink pants:

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Heath Bell rocks a T-shirt that looks like a 1970s hippie outfit (Picture)

If I had to guess what the attire was of a pitcher who has recently gotten his season back on track and converted four straight save opportunities, I’d probably go with tuxedo T-shirt. Marlins closer Heath Bell has not allowed an earned run in his last five appearances. He’s given up only two hits during that span. Obviously he has been getting down to business every time he takes the mound lately, so a tuxedo T-shirt would seem more appropriate than the hippie shirt you see above. Then again, he is a closer.

As we know, closers are their own breed. Those guys do everything a little differently, so when Bell is amidst a hot streak and feels like taking a picture of himself in an elevator rocking a 70s-themed vest/hippie necklace shirt you just take it for what it is. Do you, Heath. It seems to have worked over the past week or so.

H/T Eye on Baseball

Russell Westbrook wears paint-splattered graffiti shirt with red pants (Pictures)

It would appear that the longer the Thunder stick around in the playoffs, the more ridiculous outfits we are going to see from Russell Westbrook. He has already made the Steve Urkel glasses a wardrobe mainstay, but Westbrook is obviously aiming to outdo himself with crazy shirts and now fruity pants. After the Thunder won Game 1, Westbrook took the podium wearing this masterpiece. Following Oklahoma City’s Game 4 victory, he decided to rock a paint-splattered graffiti shirt and some bright red slacks.

Considering he dropped 37 Saturday night and is on the verge of leading the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals, Westbrook can pretty much wear whatever he wants.

Thanks to @cjzero for the photo