UFC 153 commercial suggests there is no way to approach Anderson Silva (Video)

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin sat down with Stephan Bonnar to give the challenger some advice on facing Anderson Silva at UFC 153 on Saturday in Brazil.

Griffin was knocked out by Silva at UFC 101 in 2009, so he knew what to tell Bonnar. Ready for this hilarious list:

    - Don’t stand with him
    – Don’t try to punch him
    – Don’t kick him
    – Don’t try to submit him
    – Don’t talk any trash

Basically, there is no way to approach Anderson Silva.

For the sake of UFC fans, hopefully Bonnar doesn’t believe that and will actually try some technique to beat the Brazilian.

Aside from the humorous aspect of the ad, Bonnar and Griffin getting together for a commercial is a pretty special occurrence. The two have fought twice, including an epic Fight of the Year battle in The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale in 2005.

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Tito Ortiz ticked at Forrest Griffin for ruining his retirement interview

Tito Ortiz lost the final fight of his career on Saturday at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, and he was upset with opponent Forrest Griffin for ruining his sendoff interview.

Griffin, who won the trilogy fight by unanimous decision, walked out of the Octagon and headed for the dressing room before the decision was announced. UFC President Dana White had to chase him down and force him to go back to the cage to hear the decision.

Griffin explained after the fight that he left impetuously because he was upset with his performance.

“I just forget [to stay in the cage] sometimes,” Griffin told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting. “I’m an emotional guy. I was frustrated with myself.”

Griffin even conceded that he wasn’t sure if he had won.

After hearing that he had won by unanimous decision, Griffin ripped the microphone out of commentator Joe Rogan’s hand and proceeded to interview Tito Ortiz, who was retiring after the fight.

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Rich Franklin Gets Dragon Tattoo After Losing Fight, Bet with Forrest Griffin

Before Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin fought at UFC 126, the cleancut fighters put something on the line: the loser would get a tattoo. Griffin won the decision easily, dominating 14 of the 15 minutes in the octagon. After getting hammered in the fight, many people would have figured Franklin would have forgotten about the bet.

But that’s not the case.

Franklin tweeted on Thursday that he had a Friday appointment to get a dragon tattoo. MMA Fighting followed up on the story and got confirmation of the news. While he didn’t get a fruity rainbow or feminine ankle tat, he did indeed get a dragon on his back as they had joked before the fight. We still don’t have any pics of the tattoo but we’ll be sure to post them when they come in. And nobody can deny that Franklin is a man of his word. Even Griffin said he probably would have backed out had he lost, but not Franklin.

Forrest Griffin-Rich Franklin UFC 126 Fight Loser Getting a Tattoo

When Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin collide at UFC 126 in Las Vegas Saturday evening, there will be a lot on the line. Not only will their physical well-beings and bodies be open to potential harm from beating each other up, but the loser stands to receive a permanent scar. As you can see in this video from the UFC, the loser of the fight supposedly is getting a tattoo.

As long as the tattoo doesn’t look anything like this, I think we’ll be fine.

Video: Anderson Silva Knocks Out Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

As was said post fight, this could go down as one of the most embarrassing knockouts in UFC history. Anderson Silva was absolutely toying with Forrest Griffin who couldn’t find or touch him in the ring despite throwing plenty of punches. As Griffin was trying to make a charge, he got caught with a soft punch to the face and got dropped. Check out the entire Anderson Silva/Forrest Griffin fight video:

Griffin, a self-described sore loser, wasted no time in the ring after the knockout, promptly making an exit for the dressing room. He certainly left his dignity behind.