Dad goes after baseball, lets kid in stroller roll away (Video)

Mets fan strollerOne father got a little too excited over the prospect of getting a ball while attending a spring training game between the New York Mets and Miami Marlins on Monday.

Mets outfielder Chris Young launched a ground-rule double to center in the first, and one fan who was chilling on the grassy knoll with his family let go of a stroller to chase after the ball.

Do you think his wife let him have it for letting their son roll away?

Hey, when you have a chance to snag a ball at a game, sometimes nothing else matters. You’re climbing over people sitting next to you, spilling $12 beers and even losing track of children. But if you get that ball, it was all worth it.

Fan at Rockies game catches foul ball in beer cup (Video)

Rockies-fan-beer-cup-catchCatching a foul ball in a beer cup is not unheard of, but it is one of the best power moves in sports. Snagging a baseball in your suds takes serious hand-eye coordination, and we only see it a few times a year — if that. On Tuesday night, a fan at a game between the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres at Coors Field got the job done.

The gentleman, who had a tremendous beard, hardly drew a chirp from the crowd until people starting realizing his beer was all foamed up for a reason. Naturally, he went on to take a nice big gulp.

How would you rate this guy against this beer cup catch from earlier this year or this fantastic grab from last season?

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Young Red Sox fan fools Yankees coach into giving him foul ball (Video)

Red-Sox-fan-fools-Yankees-coachA lucky young Red Sox fan who was sitting behind the New York Yankees’ dugout went home with a foul ball on Saturday, but he had to get creative to land the souvenir. During the third inning of New York’s win over Boston at Fenway Park, Jose Iglesias chopped a foul ball toward the visiting dugout. Yankees third base coach Rob Thomson snagged it and began looking for a fan to toss it to.

That’s when Thomson spotted a young boy who was wearing a Yankees cap and flipped him the ball. The boy, who was wearing a Red Sox hat underneath the Yankees hat, then removed the New York hat and stashed it under his seat.

Of course, there’s a chance Thomson was simply looking for any kid to throw the ball to and not just a Yankees fan. Still, we like to think the clever young fella fooled the visiting coach. It’s much more fun that way.

Video via Boston.com

Amar’e Stoudemire defends punching fire extinguisher: I’m a passionate player

When Amar’e Stoudemire suffered an injury by punching a fire extinguisher during the NBA playoffs, most of us reacted by laughing at his expense. Stoudemire is an NBA superstar who had a lapse in judgment when his team needed him the most, so in many ways he deserved the criticism. However, he says some of the details from the incident are inaccurate. He didn’t actually punch the thing, you dummies.

“It wasn’t a punch at all, actually,” Stoudemire said during an interview with Artrell and Andy on FOX Sports Radio. “It was more like a slap against the wall, but I caught the edge of the fire extinguisher. Some people think I balled my fist up and punched through a glass fire extinguisher, which is totally opposite of the truth. It was more like a smack against the wall, kind of a backhand or a reach back slap across the wall and caught the edge of the fire extinguisher.”

Well in that case — does it really matter? A glance at the gruesome picture Amar’e tweeted of his stitched up hand would seem to indicate he is telling the truth. It was more of an open-handed slap than a punch, but either way it was a bonehead move. Stoudemire also wants everyone to know that the injury was not caused by frustration.

“I think a lot of people confused my passion with frustration,” he explained. “I’m such a passionate player. I want to win so bad to where sometimes I want to win, so I bring my passion and it gets confused with frustration.”

Again, does it matter? We did feel sorry for Amar’e after seeing the injury and knowing that it cost him during the playoffs, but a simple “it was dumb of me” would have sufficed when the hosts asked him about the incident. The fact that it was a slap instead of a punch and done out of passion and not frustration is not going to stop people from wearing this shirt.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for transcribing the interview
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Same fan at White Sox game drops two foul balls (Video)

Catching a ball at a game has to be one of the greatest thrills a fan can have. I’m speaking out of assumption since I’ve never had the fortune of catching a ball at a game, but it sure looks awesome. Think about how lucky one has to be to even have the opportunity to catch a ball. Out of thousands of fans in attendance, the ball has to be hit to you. From there, you actually have to catch the ball, which is easier said than done. Take for instance what happened with a fan at the White Sox game.

As seen in the video above, one fan at the White Sox-Twins game on Wednesday had not one … but two balls hit to him during the game. And he missed both of them! To make matters worse, two other fans in a section nearby were able to snag balls.

For every story of failure like this one, we have incredible success stories to balance it out. Maybe this fan can get a lesson from the Orioles fan who once snagged three balls in the same game.

Foul ball banks off woman’s head and into her beer cup (Video)

Sometimes the best plays fans make on foul balls are the ones they don’t intend to make. We saw a prime example of that at Wrigley Field on Thursday night. Hanley Ramirez sent a ball chopping down the third base line in the second inning and it hopped up into the stands, bounced off a woman’s forehead and landed directly in her beer cup. It was a nice play, albeit one that she couldn’t duplicate if she tried. We aren’t ready to say it was as impressive as the popcorn bucket catch or the kid who leaned over the bullpen, but it’s definitely up there.

But the real story here is why the guy she was with was so adamant about wrestling the beer cup with the ball in it away from her. Was he trying to hog the spotlight or what? The ball smacked her in the forehead and landed in her beer. She deserves the credit. Take a step back.

Fan at Padres game drilled by ball because he was busy posting to Facebook on his phone (Video)

A fan at Friday’s Padres-Reds game at Petco Park in San Diego learned the hard way why you always have to keep your head in the game. Travis Decker was drilled in the chest by a Will Venable foul ball and admitted during an interview with FOX Sports San Diego that he wasn’t paying attention because he was busy posting to Facebook from his mobile phone.

We’ve seen fans make catches at games while on their cell phone, but most of the time you’re going to end up hurt if a ball comes your way and you’re busy with your phone. The only good news for Decker is at least he wasn’t hit in the head like this guy.