NFL Scouts, Meet Matt Fields

It’s nice to see a display of freak athleticism coming from the Arena Football League once in a while. This is the first I’ve seen of Matt Fields from the Dallas Vigilantes, but I’d imagine if he’s capable of making a catch like this there’s an NFL team out there that could benefit from his services . Yes, I know the ball is slightly different in the AFL, but a great catch is a great catch. Check out the Dallas Vigilantes’ Matt Fields amazing, one-handed catch video, courtesy of The Score via SI Hot Clicks.  Just to give you a heads up, go ahead and mute the audio if you’ll be offended by a few explicit Eminem lyrics:

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Video Credit: YouTube user TheBradleyjgresham

TO’s Still Got Hops

T.O. may be unemployed and turning 37 this year, but the man can still get up.  If the pictures of Terrell Owens jumping on to a newspaper stand aren’t enough for you, TMZ has a video that I couldn’t embed (which can be seen here) that shows the free agent wide receiver putting on an impressive public display of his leaping ability.  I’m sold.  Regardless of his age, you can’t argue that TO still has some freakish athletic abilities and still has a great vertical.  His agent may or may not have planted the rumor that indicated the Redskins were interested in him a while back to create a buzz about his client, but either way jumping from the ground to the top of a newspaper stand and barely taking a step before doing it is something to tip your cap at.  Props to T.O. for this, however much of a crazy s.o.b. he truly is.  On a side note, I still think Adrian Wilson and Joey Gathright have him beat for now.

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Jason Pierre-Paul Could Have Been a Male Gymnast

Every once in a while we come across a video of a player doing something so darn athletic it has to be posted. It’s a reminder of how special some of these pro athletes are. For instance, there was Adrian Wilson jumping a five and a half foot high beam and Joey Gathright bounding over cars. Redskins rookie Keith Eloi amazed everyone when he jumped out of a swimming pool backwards. And now we can add South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul to the list for something pretty cool. The NFL prospect did 13 backflips in a row following a workout at the International Bowl in Toronto this season. Check it out:

A lot of teams are interested in his skills and it’s easy to see why. I’m even guessing the Raiders take a stab at him considering how much they love freaky talent; you don’t have to catch or tackle for them so long as you run the 40 in 0.2 seconds faster than is the norm at your position. He should be a lock for them.

Video: Nate Robinson Dunks Over Dwight Howard in Slam Dunk Competition

I’m pretty sure this is the dunk that gave Nate Robinson the edge over Dwight Howard in the Slam Dunk Competition at All-Star Weekend. I mean I thought Adrian Wilson and Joey Gathright were freaks of nature with their ridiculous verticle leaps. That was until I saw tiny 5’9″ Nate Robinson hurdle 6’11” Dwight Howard. Witness crazy athleticism:

By the way, how creative was the green suit for Nate? He was taking the kryptonite role to Howard’s Superman, and it worked!

Video: Chris Beanie Wells Hurdles Illinois Defender, He’s Got Hops

We’ve already had a couple of notable hurdles make the front page here at LBS this year. One came earlier in the college season courtesy of Knowshon Moreno, the other was recently achieved by Giants tight end, Kevin Boss. This airborne move by Ohio St running back Chris Beanie Wells ranks right up there with the other two. Check it:

Beanie went freakin airborne on that one. It wasn’t so much about the height as it was about the distance. And the best part was it allowed him to grab another 10 yeards on the run. There’s no doubting the talent of Beanie Wells and how much better he makes the Buckeyes. Boy did they miss him when he was hurt.

Video: Knowshon Moreno Goes Airborne in Touchdown Run vs. Arizona State

I’ll be quick to admit that I’m not a huge college football fan and that my knowledge and enjoyment of teams and players is far more limited compared to my level of enthusiasm for other sports. That being said, I’m a huge fan of Knowshon Moreno and began to notice his brilliance last year during his freshman campaign. The guy is big, strong, runs fast, runs hard, can juke, can hurdle, can run you over — he’s the whole package. He’s a fantastic collegian and I expect him to be an incredible pro. If you don’t see what I’m talking about, then you need to check out the video of him hurdling the Central Michigan defender in the middle of a run. Well Knowshon just about performed an encore, scoring the first touchdown of the game against Arizona State, a nine-yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter. Check it:

That dude was parallel to the ground he was so horizontal. He got like four or five feet of air on that one. Was he trying to score a touchdown or was he trying to set an Olympics record in the high jump? Moreno could probably give Adrian Wilson and Joey Gathright a run for their money. Interesting little tid bit: Moreno means “Brown” in Spanish. I think we’re distant cousins.

Joey Gathright Would be a 1st Round Pick in the NFL Draft

The way those scouts operate … man, if they took one look at his vertical, he’d definitely go on Day 1. If you remember a while ago, I posted the video of the amazing, superhuman Gathright jumping cars in a parking lot. I compared Gathright to the freakish Adrian Wilson, who could clear like five feet vertically without a problem. And to refresh your memory, here’s Gathright, who put his hops on display in a spring training game:

People should not be allowed to jump that high. I have trouble clearing a puddle on the street and this dude’s hurdling full-grown human beings? That’s just not fair.