Prince watched the French Open while holding a scepter


A number of special guests were in attendance to watch Rafael Nadal defeat Dusan Lajovic at the French Open on Sunday, but how many of them were holding scepters? We only know of one, and you’re not going to be surprised to hear who it was.

Of course it was Prince. The seven-time Grammy Award winner sat at Roland Garros looking very Prince-like after he was in Paris the week before for a series of performances. He took the concept of accessorizing to the next level by holding a scepter.


If Prince’s scepter had a Cobra on top of it, there would have been no distinguishing him from Jafar of Disney’s “Aladdin” fame.


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Serena Williams defeated by Garbine Muguruza in huge French Open upset

Serena WilliamsThe defending champion has already been eliminated from the French Open, as world No. 1 Serena Williams fell victim to a shocking upset on Wednesday morning. The younger Williams sister was defeated by Garbine Muguruza, the 35th-ranked player in the world, in the second round.

The 20-year-old Muguruza needed just 64 minutes to defeat Williams in straight sets. Williams won just four games, making the loss the worst of Serena’s career at a major tournament.

Venus Williams was also eliminated in the second round on Wednesday after a loss to 19-year-old Slovak Anna Schmiedlova.

French open court turned pink to recognize ‘Ladies’ Day’ (Picture)

Apparently Thursday at the French Open was “Ladies’ Day.” That’s why the playing surface was turned into sheet of bright pink, of course. How else could the tournament hosts have honored women if they weren’t going to change the court into every girl’s favorite color?

It’s one thing to use pink as a way to raise breast cancer awareness, but this is insulting. As ESPNW pointed out, not only does using the color pink stereotype women but the entire concept of “Ladies’ Day” implies that every other day at the French Open is men’s day. Isn’t it just a tennis tournament featuring some of the world’s best tennis players? If you thought pink ice was tough to look at, this must be impossible. Chalk this up as one of the dumbest ideas we’ve ever seen come to fruition in sports.

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Venus Williams Heats Up the Tennis Court with Her Lingerie Outfit

We here at LBS have mentioned Venus Williams‘ raunchy outfit choices before. Like when Venus Williams wore skin colored underwear which made people think she wasn’t wearing any at all. Throughout the French Open, Venus has been strutting onto the court at Roland Garros wearing yet another outfit that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Williams has been sporting a lingerie-type little number complete with the black lace. It kind of looks like Williams went to Lover’s Lane for her latest outfit instead of a sporting goods store. It seems like she likes to bring the shock factor to the court. Her outfit even appears to be see-through, but if you look close enough she does appear to be wear some type of black body suit underneath. Sorry boys, there’s no peep show for you here.

Good for her. The girl has totally got the body to pull something like this off. She’s gorgeous and has awesome legs to rock a short little number like this. I only have two pieces of advice for Williams though: One, tennis outfits are usually short and sexy enough without having to bust out the burlesque attire. Two, If you’re going to wear a black and red little number, please don’t wear white shoes. Otherwise, if you got it — flaunt it.


Venus Williams’ French Open Outfit: Ooh la la! [Zap 2 It]
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