Fan’s penis penis penis sign makes it onto ESPN

Penis penis penis espn sign

If you’re an immature schmuck just like us, there’s no way you won’t enjoy this sign. Somehow it made it onto ESPN TV during the Rice-Marshall Conference USA championship game on Saturday before the camera quickly pulled away.

What kind of dick would cut away from a perfectly good penis shot like that?

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Stanford fan makes greatest Oregon sign ever

Stanford Oregon poster

Leave it to a Stanford fan to come up with one of the most clever posters ever. Congratulations, sir, as you have won all the laughs.

Oh, and if you know anyone who is an Oregon Ducks fan, you’re not doing your job if you haven’t sent this to them.

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Photo via Instagram/George Whitfield

Kliff Kingsbury is hotter than your coach

Kliff Kingsbury bus

Best looking coach in sports? Has to be Kliff Kinsbury. The guy is a Ryan Gosling clone. He looks like a male model, not a football coach. Everyone seems to recognize that.

In fact, prior to the Texas Tech-TCU game, ESPN showed some Texas Tech fans/students holding up a sign that boasted “Our Coach is Hotter Than Your Coach.” You can see it below:

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Cardinals fan has hilarious signs taunting Albert Pujols (Pictures)

The Cardinals lost one of the greatest hitters in their franchise’s history last winter, yet they still find themselves two wins away from returning to the World Series to defend their title. Albert Pujols is now an Angel, and the Angels are now mere spectators as four teams fight for a championship. Of course, that means St. Louis fans have to capitalize on the opportunity to harass the man who skipped town to fatten his wallet.

As you can see from the photo above that Big League Stew passed along, a fan stood behind the dugout before Game 3 of the NLCS in St. Louis and held a fantastically original sign to rip on Pujols. He also went with a slightly less original joke on the other side:

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Braves fan’s sign ‘I skipped chemo to see Chipper’ (Picture)

How big of a deal was Chipper Jones’ last weekend for regular-season action at Turner Field in Atlanta? Enough to make one Braves fan claim she skipped a chemotherapy session to watch the franchise legend play his last regular-season game at home for the Braves.

Chipper Jones’ retirement tour has been a huge deal all season with the former MVP receiving gifts at nearly every stop. His impending retirement was enough to pack the house at Turner Field all weekend — no small feat.

Even though he went hitless the first two games of the series, Chipper went 1-for-2 with two walks in a 6-2 win on Sunday. Hopefully he made the fan’s missed session worthwhile.

UPDATE: A few people emailed in to inform us that the fan in question is Laura Stallings. You can read more about her story at this Facebook page.

Side note: What’s up with all the cancer-related signs at baseball games lately?

Photo via @hgielatan/Twitter

Arkansas State Fan With Deformed Right Arm Has Best Poster Ever (Picture)

Is that the best fan sign ever, or is that the best fan sign ever? That was spotted at the Arkansas State-Northern Illinois bowl game Sunday night. In case you don’t get the reference, Malzahn is Gus Malzahn, the former Auburn offensive coordinator who recently became the head coach at Arkansas State. I thought the Christmas Day Packers boyfriend cheating sign was strong, but this blows it away.

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Picture via Amanda Kaschube, Illegal Shift

Fan Holds Up Sign at Packers Game Calling Out Her Cheating Ex (Picture)

With only one game on Sunday that featured the Bears and Packers in prime time at Lambeau Field, can you think of a better Christmas gift to give a Packers fan than a couple of tickets? I’m sure there were a number of people who gave Green Bay tickets to their loved ones on Sunday, but a certain sign reminded us that not everyone wound up on the “nice” list and got to enjoy Aaron Rodgers five-touchdown performance in person. Check out this fan poster that LBS reader Ed Kenneweg shared with us on Facebook:

If I was single I’d so be trying to locate her. If that isn’t swagger then I don’t know what is. This girl’s boyfriend cheated on her, and instead of sitting home pouting about it, she spent her Sunday night watching the Packers dismantle the Bears and embarrassing her ex with a hilarious sign.  Of all the funny posters we’ve featured here at LBS, this is easily one of the best.