Honey Badger for Highsman GameDay Sign Wins (Picture)

At least this time when we had a misspelled poster, it made sense. LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu is nicknamed the “Honey Badger.” He got the name after the honey badger video went viral. Mathieu’s teammates all thought he played fearless like the honey badger, so they gave him the name. Mathieu also was busted a few weeks ago after testing positive for synthetic marijuana. Hence the “Highsman” line. Those Bama fans, despite what you may think, can be clever at times. I guess college football rivalries bring out the best in them.

Thanks to World of Isaac for the screen grab.

Rogers Cup Forced to Change ‘Sexist’ Slogan on Poster

When examining a situation like this, my normal reaction would be, “here we go, what now?”  If someone were to tell me a women’s tennis tournament was forced to change their advertising slogan because it could be viewed as sexist, I would probably laugh and be anxious to hear the details.  However when you’re right, you’re right.

The Rogers Cup, Canada’s most hyped women’s tennis tournament, recently had to alter it’s marketing campaign because of a sexist slogan.  Apparently there were a lot of people who took offense to one of the posters which read, “come for the ladies, stay for the legends.”  The legends that are being referenced are John McEnroe and Andre Agassi, who will be playing in a bonus tournament at the same event.

The slogan has since been changed to a more appropriate “making history, re-living history.”  Like I said, eight times out of ten a situation like this stems from an overreaction.  In this case it’s tough to argue the original slogan could be taken offensively.  Whether they intended to or not, the Rogers Cup was definitely selling sex with the “come for the ladies” bit.  They also made it sound like “ladies” and “legends” were two completely unrelated things.

Sex sells until you get caught doing it and someone makes you change it.

Diamondbacks Fan Poster: My Wife Left Me Today Go D-Backs

Because the first place you go to when your wife leaves you is a Diamondbacks-Rockies game, right?

I’m not sure what the bragging was all about. Maybe he meant that his wife left him to go to work so he went to the park on a guy’s night out. That could be it, right?

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Picture: Missouri State Fans Shock the Shockers Sign Gets A+ for Creativity

Now that’s how you dig deep and come up with a game day sign. We’ve featured our fair share of funny posters here on LBS, but there have been few that are this graphic and blunt.  The way I see it, ESPN’s camera person had to have been either under the age of 30 and thought the sign was hilarious or over the age of 40 and missed the joke.  Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have shown the Missouri State “shock the Shockers” poster.  We’re glad they did.

For what it’s worth, Missouri State defeated the Wichita State Shockers, 69-64.  Since both teams have nearly identical overall and conference records, I don’t know how much of a shocker it was.  Regardless, it’s the thought that counts.  Thanks to Kegs n Eggs on Twitter for the pic, via Mocksession.com.

Oregon Fan’s Cecil Newton Check Takes the Cake for Best BCS Fan Sign

Is this the greatest college football fan sign of all-time?  There have been a ton of good ones over the years — especially on ESPN’s College Gameday — but right now this is the one to beat in my opinion.  My only beef with it is that it should say “Pay to the Order of Cecil Newton” instead of “Cam Newton’s Dad,” because everyone knows the name Cecil Newton enough to understand the reference.  But let’s not split hairs.  This is absolutely genius, and the detail is phenomenal.  Some Oregon fan spent a lot of money at a local Fed Ex Kinkos to have this made, but it was worth every penny.  Thanks to Busted Coverage for the picture.

Giants Fans Love Their Buster Posey

My buddy Jason finally got revenge on me for the Angels taking out his Giants in 2002. All was forgiven after the Giants won the World Series this year, and he was one of the thousands on hand for the parade Wednesday. That’s pretty impressive considering he trekked from LA to SF for the shindig. While he was there, he came across these willing ladies:

The ladies love their Buster Posey. And Tim Lincecum too. It makes sense — those girls seem to be about the same age as the batterymates.

Even LSU Fans Picking on Brett Favre

Wow, you know things are bad when fans attending a game in which you’re not even playing still make fun of you! Such is the life for Brett Favre, whose best option right now has to be this. By the way, I’m guessing Favre might be interested in throwing down with some of those co-eds, if he hasn’t already.