Gavin Floyd leaves with elbow fracture after throwing curveball

Gavin Floyd elbow

Gavin Floyd left his start Thursday against the Washington Nationals after throwing his first pitch of the 7th inning with an elbow injury that was later revealed to be a fracture.

Floyd hung a curveball to Jayson Werth which was pulled deep to left and foul. Floyd immediately looked over to the Atlanta Braves dugout because he knew something was wrong. A trainer came out to examine him, and he quickly exited the game.

Floyd was making his ninth start since returning from Tommy John surgery and enjoying his best outing. He had pitched six scoreless innings, struck out six, and only allowed two hits and a walk.

One person watching the game on the Braves’ TV feed took this screenshot of Floyd’s nasty elbow:

X-rays after the game revealed the fractured olecranon.

Spotted by tipster Arsen D.

Gavin Floyd Helps College Student Tim Smith Buy New Pair of Prosthetic Legs

Tim Smith is a senior at Trinity College who was born without legs.  Despite being born with a disability, Smith’s determination and perseverance have allowed him to lead a relatively normal life.  And by normal we mean above and beyond what the average person accomplishes; Tim has tackled the Andes Mountains twice among other seemingly impossible challenges.

Until Gavin Floyd and his wife Leann came along, Smith was slowed down a bit.  He was in need of new prosthetic legs because his old ones having been held together by duct tape and oil.  Despite being able to raise $10,000 toward the purchase of new legs, Tim found himself a whopping $21,000 short of the $31,000 he needed to buy a new pair — a purchase he would have to make without the help of insurance.

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