Bryan Stow Suspect Reportedly Took Blood-Stained Dodgers Jersey to Cleaners

It’s been over two and a half weeks since Giovanni Ramirez was taken into custody as the primary suspect in the Bryan Stow assault case, but he has yet to be charged for the crime. He’s been held in custody for allegedly violating his parole while police continue to investigate. Now, NBC LA reports about a piece of evidence that would likely make it easy to track down the suspect.

According to NBC LA, a white blood-stained Dodgers jersey was taken to a dry cleaner who alerted the police. The DNA on the jersey reportedly matched Bryan Stow’s. You would think that would lead to an arrest of the suspect, but a police source reportedly told NBC LA the jersey does not belong to Ramirez. Additionally, they report that “police have delayed asking the district attorney to file against Ramirez as part of a strategy to pressure him to reveal information about two other suspects still at large.”

Police have kept silent about evidence in the case and were reluctant to reveal much information regarding the jersey. Even if the jersey does not belong to Ramirez, it’s quite possible it belongs to the getaway driver, a woman who was wearing an Andre Ethier jersey according to all reports. One of the suspects in the case was wearing a Dodgers jersey and hat according to reports.

The lawyers for Giovanni Ramirez have said all along that he has a strong alibi, but LA Police Chief Charlie Beck said he was confident they had the right person. Maybe there has been little reported progress because they are trying to obtain information on the other two suspects. It’s hard to imagine they would go public with the news and have the wrong guy, but that is a possibility.

Here is a mug shot of Giovanni Ramirez, the man currently in custody.

Giovanni Ramirez Mug Shot Picture – Suspect in Bryan Stow Assault

On Sunday, Giovanni Ramirez was arrested and booked on suspicion of assaulting Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day. He was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $1 million bail. His mug shot was not released at the time of his booking, but we present it to you courtesy of our friend A Mack and KFI which has since taken down the photo.

I have to say that his actual mug shot looks incredibly similar to the police artist sketch. And just like the LA Times reported, he has an incredible amount of tattoos on his neck which were added to try and cover up previous tattoos that may have been able to use to identify him. Luckily it didn’t work.

Giovanni Ramirez Booked for Assault with Deadly Weapon in Bryan Stow Case

The LAPD has released the name of the suspect booked in connection with the assault on Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day, and it is 31-year-old Giovanni Ramirez. Ramirez was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $1 million bail.

According to the LA Times, Ramirez was convicted of attempted robbery in 1998, robbery in 1999, and firing a weapon in a public place in 2005.

Amazingly enough, the most helpful tip in the investigation came from a parole officer. Ramirez apparently had a meeting with his officer shortly after the attack and the officer noticed he resembled one of the men from the sketch.

Ramirez was arrested Sunday when detectives and the SWAT team raided an apartment building in East Hollywood. Of the two men in the sketch, he is the one on the left and believed to be the primary aggressor in the attack. When he was booked, he was described as being 5’11” 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

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