LeBron James’ mother Gloria is dating a rapper named Lambo


LeBron James’ mother, Gloria James, appears to have a relatively new boyfriend. His name is Lambo, and he currently has a single rap video on YouTube that is, well, not good.

Baller Alert, who first alerted us to the story, pointed out that Lambo is 31 years old. That would make him three years older than LeBron, which has to make things a little bit weird. Then again, LeBron and Lambo seem to get along just fine if Lambo’s Instagram pictures are any indication.

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Delonte West wants to quash rumor about LeBron’s mom once and for all

That nasty rumor about Delonte West sleeping with LeBron James’ mom, Gloria, does not want to die. But West has had enough of the speculation, which most people have probably taken as fact, and wants to put it to rest for good. Speaking with The Dallas Morning News, West addressed the gossip and talked about how it’s impacted his life.

“It’s affected me,” West says. “Everywhere I go, first question, ‘Don’t tell me you did that.’ ”

“That” would be the rumor that during the 2010 playoffs, West had a sexual encounter with Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron James’ mother, Gloria.

West says he wants to permanently squash the rumor not just for his sake, but mostly for James and his mother, who West says expressed nothing but kindness during his three seasons in Cleveland.

In fact, West says Gloria James reminded him of his single mother, Delphina Addison, who raised Delonte and his siblings to be “happy-poor, just enjoy life and the blessings that God has given us.

“If we want to continue to grow as a human race, what are we teaching our kids if we try to make humor and fun out of stuff like that?” West says of the rumor. “Number one, something like that never happened. I don’t know where they got that from.

“For a strong black woman like that, for people to try to tear her down, that’s terrible. That’s terrible in so many ways.”

West is a bit of an curious character, and with stories about him buying white Ford Broncos and applying for work at Home Depot, it’s hard to take him seriously. But if his recent Twitter rant didn’t remind you, West also suffers from bipolar disorder.

He has casually brushed off the James rumor in the past, but we suspected the story was false when he and LeBron hugged in the playoffs last year. Now it sounds like it is starting to legitimately bother him, so perhaps we should take him at his word and call an end to the rumor. It’s better as a taunt for bitter Cleveland fans who want to get in LeBron’s head, anyway.

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Delonte West Denies Sleeping with Gloria James in Unconvincing Fashion

Delonte West denied sleeping with LeBron James’ mom, Gloria James, in a casual interview with World Star Hip Hop. Go about 30 seconds into this video to hear the pertinent part and be warned, the language is offensive and NSFW:

Not only did the interviewer sound sloshed (as did West), but West wouldn’t even look at the camera when he said stuff. OK I know Rafael Palmeiro sounded convincing when he finger-wagged at congress and turned out to be guilty, so that tells us body language isn’t everything. Still, West was not very convincing in the video. On the other hand, when a rumor sparked this year about Rashard Lewis and Gloria James, the Wizards forward came out right away to dispel it.

I don’t know, between the Cavs trading West immediately after the playoffs ended and all the speculation, something doesn’t seem right. Even the hug LeBron and West shared this postseason doesn’t end the questions.

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Video Shows Rockfeller Sorel Initiated Contact with Gloria James

One thing we stress here at LBS is that there are two sides to every story, regardless of how juicy one side may be. While we try to get all information to you as quickly as possible, we try to reserve judgment until all facts emerge. With that in mind, last week we told you that LeBron James’ mother, Gloria James, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a valet worker at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. The police report made Gloria James look bad because it described her as someone extremely drunk and somewhat unwilling to cooperate with authorities. TMZ showed video of the accuser, Rockfeller Sorel in an interview, and he appeared to be taking the innocent victim stance. Well now TMZ, aka the worldwide eye in the sky, has obtained security footage of the incident that shows Sorel initiated contact with Gloria James and was equally as physical with her.

While Gloria James may be obnoxious, rude, and giving her son a bad reputation based on her poor and questionable behavior, it does not appear as if she’s as bad as she was made out to be. This was a scuffle with a valet worker, and physical contact was exchanged in both directions. To me, it would be best for everyone if the whole thing just went away. Of course that won’t be satisfactory for Sorel nor his lawyer, but they don’t seem to have a case here and it’s obvious they’re just looking for a money grab.

Gloria James Police Report

As LBS reported earlier, Gloria James, mother of NBA superstar LeBron James, was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly beating up a valet employee at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

LBS has obtained the official police report of the incident and it has some interesting details. The arrest was made at 5:15 AM on Thursday morning. We all know that unless you are going to work at that hour, nothing good can come of it.

The police report states that when the officer arrived on the scene, James’ SUV was trying to drive off. When he stopped the vehicle to question Gloria and her driver, they both refused to answer. Gloria also had “bloodshot eyes and a strong oder of alcohol on her breath.” However, she was just the passenger of the vehicle.

But all of this pales in comparison to the final line of the police report. It states that after Gloria James was taken in to custody, she refused to take photos, requested a phone call and was “released to Miami Heat Executive Mr. Steve Stowe.” Not even her own son came to pick her up? At this point, it is unclear if she even called LeBron or if her permitted phone call was made directly to the Miami Heat organization. But the simple fact that LeBron wouldn’t be the one picking her up if off-putting.

Below is a copy of the official police report.

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Gloria James Arrested in Miami for Assaulting Valet Worker Sorel Rockfeller

Considering LeBron James is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, it’s not surprising every aspect of his life is constantly under a microscope. When athletes reach celebrity status, that unfortunately includes their families. However, someone like Gloria James cannot seem to do herself any favors and remain out of the spotlight.  Whether it’s allegedly sleeping with Delonte West or being publicly scolded by her son, Gloria seems to love her some attention.

According to an ESPN report, Gloria was arrested by Miami Beach police early Thursday morning after allegedly assaulting a valet worker at the Fontainebleau Hotel.  She was supposedly upset because her car was taking too long to be delivered.  I guess that’s pretty much all you could get upset with a valet worker over, so that part of the story makes sense.

The valet worker, Sorel Rockfeller, has several witnesses who say James’ mother assaulted him.  Police said Gloria had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and her eyes were bloodshot.  She was released to Heat executive Steve Stowe and issued a promise to appear on court on charges of simple battery and disorderly conduct.

Bravo, Mrs. James.  Lord knows your son doesn’t already have enough public relations problems of his own.