Mission Hills Haikou course in China will be like giant mini-golf experience

Mission Hills Haikou

Mission Hills in Hainan, a Chinese island, already has the world’s largest golf club according to the Guinness World Records. Before long, it will also have perhaps the wackiest full-size golf course in the world.

Golf course designer Brian Curley of Schmidt-Curley Design is working on an 18-hole course in Mission Hills Haikou resort that is scheduled for completion in 2014. He intends to make the course like a giant mini-golf experience.

One hole will see golfers hitting into a giant bowl of noodles and chopsticks, another will have a replica Great Wall of China, another will resemble Mayan ruins, and one will look like the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium in Beijing. There will be a par-3 where golfers are hit by hard winds from large fans. One tee shot will be from behind a waterfall, and another will be through a giant sleeve of balls.

“What I pushed was to create full-scale mini golf,” Curley told ESPN Playbook. “It’s still going to be real golf, with real clubs. You’ll need to putt and you’ll need to drive. Everything will be the same except instead of being surrounded by pine trees, you’re surrounded by the Great Wall of China.”

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Pictures: Maldives Floating Golf Course

It was announced about a year ago that there were plans to build a floating golf course in the Maldives. It looks like those plans will actually be carried out very soon according to Inhabitat.com.

Here are the details on the course being built by Dutch Docklands, Waterstudio.NL, and Troon Golf from Inhabitat.com:

“Located five minutes from the Maldives airport, the 18-hole golf course will include luxurious accommodations, which overlook the green fairways and the surrounding reef. The golf course is doubly groundbreaking as it will be built on floating platforms, making it the first floating golf course, and it is also designed to minimize its impact on the surrounding ecosystem.”

“The artificial floating islands will incorporate technologies such as water cooling, water desalination, and the use of floating solar blanket fields. Underwater tunnels will connect the holes and facilities together, while allowing golfers to experience the reef.”

Umm, yes please. I thought it was cool when we saw a golf course that had actual live sharks as the water hazard. Never did I think it would be possible to walk through the sharks like you’re at Sea World. This is incredible and I know it would be high on my list of destinations. Here are two more pictures of the Maldives floating golf course.

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