Jazz owner Greg Miller denies Karl Malone’s story, says legend is lying

Utah Jazz owner and CEO Greg Miller sent a tweet and wrote a blog post Friday night in response to Karl Malone, calling the franchise legend a liar.

Malone, a Hall of Fame player, co-hosted a radio show recently and took the Jazz to task. The former 14-time All-Star with the Jazz ripped the organization’s handling of long-time coach Jerry Sloan, who stepped down last season after getting into an argument with star point guard Deron Williams.

“On the whole handling of that, I would have to give [them] a D or F, and I would lean more toward an F,” Malone said. “I know for a fact that [Sloan] was overridden on practices sometime on the road because Deron was calling our G.M. at that time … You give a guy that much power, and he’s the kind of player you think he played hard all the time, but if he wanted to sulk he could sulk. … I never went to Larry [Miller] to talk about Coach Sloan. … It’s not one time, in my gut and heart, that I would go over his head.”

Malone said he went to Utah to express concern and had to buy a ticket to a Jazz game from a scalper after being told by the team there weren’t any tickets available to him. Miller denies that was the case. He sent a tweet Friday night saying Malone was lying:

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