Kevin Durant and Greivis Vasquez were High School Buddies at Montrose Christian

Kevin Durant and Greivis Vasquez are squaring off against each other in the NBA playoffs, but they’re actually used to playing on the same side. TNT shared a story about Vasquez and Durant during Game 4 of the Grizzlies-Thunder playoff series, giving some background on how close the two are. Folks from the Maryland-area probably already knew that Grizzlies backup guard Greivis Vasquez and Thunder star Kevin Durant were high school teammates, but for most people it was a surprise to learn they played together in high school.

In fact, Marty Smith of TNT reported that “Vasquez and Durant were best friends in high school.” He added that Durant was one of the guys who taught Vasquez how to speak English while the two were teammates at Montrose Christian. Vasquez is from Venezuela and did not come to the U.S. until 2004 when he arrived to play basketball and attend high school. Another aspect of their relationship Snyder shared is that the two would arrive at school at 6:30 in the morning and shoot around until school started. He also said that Durant took the train to school at 4:30 in the morning.

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Greivis Vasquez Has Bad History with Memphis

Greivis Vasquez had one of the most ecstatic reactions of any player who got drafted on Thursday. The former Maryland star was selected 28th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies who obtained the pick from the Lakers in the b.s. Pau Gasol trade. Although Vasquez was elated to be picked by the Grizzlies, one has to wonder if the sentiment will be shared by his new hometown.

Last year during March Madness, Vasquez’s Maryland squad had beaten Cal in the first round and was getting prepared to play second seeded Memphis in the second round. Vasquez infamously ripped the Tigers at the time, saying Memphis would have a losing record if they played in the ACC rather than Conference-USA.

Naturally, Vasquez’s comments set off a firestorm in Memphis where outraged fans were calling up my radio show all pissed off. Of course Memphis went on to wax Maryland before losing to Missouri in the Sweet 16, proving Vasquez’s comment had some partial accuracy.

I don’t know how Vasquez will be received in Memphis as the 28th overall pick by the Grizzlies, but I’m guessing it won’t be too warmly until he starts playing well for the team. I don’t know much about Memphis, but I do know that the city is passionate about their school and that they don’t forget. Good luck making friends, Greivis.

Greivis Vasquez: Memphis Would Have Losing Record in ACC

Greivis Vasquez has a reputation for being quite the talker. The guy said of Cameron Indoor Stadium prior to a game against Duke that it was his house. The Blue Devils proceeded to trash the Terps by 41 or so. Do you think the Maryland guard has since learned his lesson? I think not. By the time you read this, Vasquez will either look like a dope or a genius for his comments about Memphis leading up to their game on Saturday. Vasquez said the Tigers would be unsuccessful if they played in the ACC:

“[Memphis would] have a losing record in the league — probably win all of their games outside the league, losing record in the league,” he said. “The ACC is too tough. You can’t just win games night in and night out because you’re so athletic.”

I think Memphis has proven that they’re a talented team playing in a poor conference and that they’re beyond being picked on for the weakness of C-USA. You don’t come within a minute of winning the title last year by being a team that is just mediocre. I bet the Terps lose this one and Greivis eats his words. By the way, what NBA team would want the extra baggage of that big mouth on its roster?? He’s great for us as writers but he’s not good for a team trying to win games.