Guillermo Mota blames positive drug test on children’s cough medicine

Giants relief pitcher Guillermo Mota is facing a 100-game suspension after failing a performance-enhancing drug test for the second time in his MLB career. Since he’s not that notable of a player, we wouldn’t pay much attention to this news other than to say he’s every bit the cheater we already knew he was. But hold on a second. This guy has given us reason to address his suspension; Mota’s blaming his positive test for clenbuterol — a banned stimulant — on children’s cough medicine.

“Players are responsible for what they put in their bodies. Guillermo understands that,” agent Adam Katz said. “A 100-game suspension for taking a children’s cough medicine that contains trace amounts of a prohibited substance, which is what happened here, is severe and unfair and does not reflect the intention of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. We will appeal it.”

Guess what folks? We now have a leader for worst excuse ever when it comes to failing a drug test. We’ve heard some bad ones over time. Remember the lame excuses from Brian Cushing and Rashard Lewis? Yeah, those have nothing on this one.

Guillermo Mota, a 38-year-old aging reliever, wasn’t trying to take a banned stimulant to enhance his game. Oh no, he was just busted for taking a swig of Dimetap. What’s a guy to do when he has a poor little cough?

Guess Mota’s agent read our three step guide to denying PED-usage.

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Guillermo Mota Throws at Prince Fielder, Brings Back Piazza Memories

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There’s one thing in baseball I’ve never really understood and that’s the tradition of hitting batters. If a guy’s better than you and getting the best of you, the only way you can respond is by hitting him? What kind of jacked up sportsmanship is that? One guy gets hit then another guy gets hit and next thing you know you have bad blood. Some pitchers are OK doing the deed, others aren’t. In the end, whether or not you like doing it, there’s one thing for sure: you better not run away like a pussy if you do hit someone.

Apparently Dodgers reliever and PED user Guillermo Mota does not understand the rules of manhood and has become one of the biggest chicken s***s in the game. Mota retaliated against the Brewers who hit Manny Ramirez in the 7th of Tuesday’s 17-4 blowout by nailing Prince Fielder in the 9th. Prince was steaming after the game and stormed across the tunnel from the visitor’s clubhouse to the Dodgers clubhouse looking for Mota. Unfortunately Prince was restrained by a few Brewers and security guards before he could snap Mota like a wishbone. The pussy Mota refused to look at Prince after dosing him with the pitch and then left without speaking to the media after the game. Mota hid behind the security of knowing he hardly comes to bat as a reliever and didn’t even face Prince to man-up to his actions.

Of course this whole story isn’t complete without finishing the Guillermo Mota/Mike Piazza tail. Back in Spring Training of ’02, Piazza grabbed Mota by the neck after Mota hit him with a pitch. A year later in Spring Training, Mota threw at Piazza twice, hitting him with the second pitch. Piazza went after Mota on the field and was restrained. About five minutes later, Piazza went across to the Dodgers clubhouse looking for Mota (sound familiar?), peeking into the showers and investigating the locker room before leaving. Even though Piazza (and Mota) were likely roid-raging at the time, there’s no doubt this twerp Mota is hiding behind his pitches and not facing his confrontations. What a chicken s*** pussy.