Colts rookie hazing haircuts were pretty good


The Indianapolis Colts are the latest team to torment their rookies with horrendous hairstyles. Defensive end Cory Redding, who actually owns his own barbershop, did most of the cutting. But something tells me these particular trim jobs won’t be good advertising.

We saw plenty of the typical hack jobs we have grown used to seeing over the years, but one haircut stood out above the rest:

The handprint is a unique concept, if nothing else. At the end of the day, any rookie who doesn’t have a penis shaved into the top of his head should consider himself lucky. Check out some of the other artwork below:

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Photo: Twitter/Matt Overton

Darnell Dockett gives Tyrann Mathieu, Cardinals rookies hazing haircuts


Arizona Cardinals defense tackle Darnell Dockett drew the exciting responsibility of playing the role of barber at training camp this summer. Rookie haircut hazing is a favorite pastime among NFL veterans, and Dockett put his own spin on it with Tyrann Mathieu and some of the other Cardinals rookies on Wednesday.

As you can see from the photo above, Dockett shaved his No. 90 into the side of Mathieu’s head. He stuck with that theme for several other rookies, and he even claims he charged them for the new hairstyles.

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Miami Dolphins kick off rookie haircut hazing with horrible dye jobs


The official start of NFL training camp reminds us that football season is just around the corner. It also happens to be one of my favorite times of the year for another reason — rookie haircut hazing.

The Miami Dolphins decided to kick off the annual tradition this year with a unique spin. Rather than simply attacking their rookies with a set of clippers, the Dolphins’ veterans busted out some hair dye and made their newcomers look like a schizophrenic version of Sisqo. Miami defensive tackle Randy Starks posted the photo you see above on Instagram Monday and shared a couple more on Twitter:

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Patriots rookies rock awful hazing haircuts to formal team function (Pictures)

Over the years, we have shown you a lot of rookie hazing haircuts here on LBS. Most of them have been phenomenal and teams have done a great job of keeping things original and coming up with new ways to embarrass the newcomers every year. However, we tend to forget that the context we generally see the haircuts in is the least humiliating. Nobody cares what their hair looks like in the locker room or under a football helmet. When the rookies have to go out in public, that’s when the fun begins.

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Titans get in on the rookie haircut hazing (Pictures)

I’m not sure what it is about haircut hazing, but it never seems to get old. Perhaps it’s simply because the possibilities are endless. A person’s head is a surprisingly versatile canvas, allowing talented artists and 300-pound football players alike to create masterpieces of art. As you can see from the photos above that Chris Johnson shared on his Twitter account, the Titans recently got in on the fun.

The Tennessee veterans unloaded a plethora of haircuts on their rookies that included the yamaka look, which you see on the left, and the Rick Ross look — as CJ2K described it — that you see on the right. See the Rick Ross resemblance? From what we’ve gathered, the Titans stayed away from completely inappropriate designs like we saw from the Raiders. They also decided not to shave grades into the back of the rookies’ heads like the Jets did.

As boring as preseason football can be, haircut hazing makes us wish it never had to end.

Raiders back at it with brutal rookie hazing haircuts (Pictures)

If you’re an NFL rookie who thinks you have it bad, just be thankful you don’t play in Oakland. We don’t really know if their rookies actually get the worst haircuts or if they simply do a great job of publicizing it, but any rookie who plays for the Raiders might as well completely shave their own head before training camp begins. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee you won’t end up with a penis haircut.

As you can see from the photos above that Joseph Barksdale shared with us on Twitter, a couple of Raiders rookies got horrible haircuts from the veterans — one of which Busted Coverage is certain is Carson Palmer because of the distinguished chin. As we saw last summer, this isn’t the first time a batch of rookies has been demolished by the buzzer in Oakland. Jack Del Rio banned hazing haircuts in Jacksonville after the veterans decided to hand out these penis-themed haircuts, so it will be interesting to see if the Raiders do the same. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m praying they don’t do that.

Jets rookie Antonio Allen gets ‘B+’ rookie hazing haircut (Picture)

‘Tis the season for rookie hazing, and that means lots of bad haircuts have been circulating around the NFL and will continue to do so until the start of the regular season. Horrendous haircuts seem to be one of favorite pastimes of veterans during training camp, and the buzz job Jets rookie Antonio Allen received this week was a hilarious reminder of that.

As you can see, the former South Carolina defensive back had a giant “B+” shaved into the back of his head. Unfortunately we have no idea what the reference means, but we do know a number of websites gave the Jets a B+ grade for their pick of Allen in the seventh round. Allen didn’t get it nearly as bad as these Raiders rookies got it last year or Tim Tebow got it two years ago, but he’ll still get plenty of looks when he sits down at a restaurant.

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