Cheerleader makes amazing half-court shot (Video)

William Carey cheerleaderA talented cheerleader hit a million-to-one shot during halftime of her school’s game on Thursday.

Ashlee Arnau, a 21-year-old junior cheerleader for William Carey University in Hattiesburgh, Miss., combined some gymnastics tumbling with basketball. Arnau picked up the ball as she was doing a front handspring, then drained a half-court shot with an overhead heave during halftime of the William Carey-Auburn University Montgomery game.

Even though Arnau made it look easy, getting that shot to fall has been difficult.

According to The Dagger, Arnau, who also plays soccer and runs track for the school, has been trying the shot at halftime of every game since Christmas. She told The Associated Press that she usually tries it about four or five times and that she has come close but never made it until Thursday. The make came on her fifth attempt at halftime of the team’s last home game of the season.

Here’s a look at the incredible shot from a different angle:

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San Diego State student wins car with half-court shot at Midnight Madness (Video)

Friday marked the first official day of NCAA basketball across America, and as usual it was filled with high-flying dunks and quirky dance routines from players and coaches. But at San Diego State, it was a student who is not on the basketball team who stole the show.

According to Rush the Court, the student you see in the video above is Craig Horlbeck. Horlbeck drained a half-court shot and won a new car. Not only that, but he reacted like he had done it before. On a night when we saw incredible dunks like this one, it’s tough to upstage the athletes. Horlbeck managed not only to do that but to do it with swagger. As this guy would tell you, there’s nothing like draining a 47-footer and winning a new set of wheels.

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Sen. Scott Brown sinks half-court shot underhanded (Video)

Making a half-court shot is difficult enough as is, but it’s even tougher when you’re going underhanded. But that didn’t stop Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) from delighting the kids at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center by knocking down a shot from long range on Friday.

According to Cape Cod Today, Brown was in Hyannis meeting with officials from the center. They say he toured the facility and then stepped on the basketball court with third-grade students from the Barnstable Community Horace Mann Public Charter School.

The students lined up to attempt half-court shots, but none of them made it. That’s when Brown stepped up and nailed his.

The only downside is Brown won’t get a free car out of it, though he does get some nice publicity.

Man makes half-court shot at Clippers game to win a car on his birthday (Video)

One lucky fan at the Clippers-Thunder game on Monday night came away with quite a prize. Season ticket holder Chance Lavitch sank a half-court shot during the fourth quarter to win a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Best part of all? Lavitch was celebrating his 21st birthday. The only downside is that the college student will now have to pay taxes on the car, but still, it’s hard to complain about a present like that.

T.J. Ford Makes Half-court Shot (Video)

At the end of the third quarter between the Pacers and Bulls, point guard T.J. Ford nailed a long shot from beyond half court to tie the game:

It really is incredible to see so many players nail shots like that with ease. This year alone, we saw Tyreke Evans, Gilbert Arenas, and Chauncey Billups get it done. Now we can add T.J. Ford to the list, and if they keep it up, it may take a full-court shot to impress us. This is almost like shooting free throws now.

Tyreke Evans Hits Half-Court Game Winner Against Grizzlies (Video)

I think it’s safe to say Tyreke Evans has officially redeemed himself after having his ankles broken by Derrick Rose earlier in the season.  Are NBA teams spending more time in practice working on half-court and full-court shots or something?  We already showed you this 75-foot shot by Chauncey Billups that was waved off for traveling and this one from Gilbert Arenas that didn’t count because it bounced of the shot clock.  Evans finally gave us one that counted on Wednesday night in a win over the Grizzlies.

With 1.5 seconds remaining in the game, it looked like O.J. Mayo would be the hero of the night after he hit a ridiculous fadeaway jumper from just inside the three-point line to give Memphis a 97-96 lead.  That was when Evans decided he didn’t want the game to end like that in his house.  Check out the video of Tyreke Evans’ half-court game winner:

Bravo, Tyreke.  Bravo.

Chauncey Billups Hits 75-Foot Shot But is Called for Traveling (Video)

Chauncey Billups hit an amazing shot last night just before halftime against the Knicks but didn’t get it off in time was called for traveling.  Really, ref?  Traveling?  Players travel on almost every possession and you’re choosing to call it when a guy is heaving up a buzzer-beater?  Check out the video of Chauncey Billups’ 75-foot shot that was called a travel, courtesy of the NBA on YouTube:

Okay, so it’s the right call.  And yes, the ref blew the whistle right when it happened rather than doing it after he saw the result of the play.  I’m not suggesting he had any motive for making the call, but it is strange that they would call it.  I doubt there’s many half-court and beyond shots in NBA history that weren’t accompanied by a travel.  Imagine if the Nuggets lost by two points?  Now that would be interesting.