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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: hockey fights

Video: Massive Brawl Breaks Out in Finland Hockey Game

I have no idea what caused this brawl, but Puck Daddy informs us that the teams involved (HIFK, Pelicans) set a league record by amassing 465 penalty minutes. If you watch the video (particularly after the 1:17 mark), you’ll know why. These teams straight up got their Charlestown Chiefs on. It was awesome. Watch:

Hockey Coach Fights Rowdy Fans with Stick (Video)

In Soviet Russia, if you harass a hockey team, they will fight back with their sticks. That’s what former NHL bruiser Andrei Nazarov decided to do after fans threw something at him at the end of his team’s loss this weekend. Cue the incredible video:

Jay Beagle Loses Fight with Arron Asham, Pulls Out Tooth (Video)

Washington Capitals center Jay Beagle picked the wrong dude to fight Thursday night. Beagle, an inexperienced fighter, ended up fighting Penguins winger Arron Asham. Asham dropped Beagle with one devastating punch that left the Caps center bloodied. Here is a video of the fight:

Study: Hockey Players Are More Aggressive When Wearing Black Sweaters

They say that black is a slimming color. Could it be that black is a color that prompts aggression? For hockey players, that may be the case. A study published in the Social Psychological & Personality Science area of the SAGE Journals says hockey players accrue more penalties when wearing black sweaters compared to white…Read More

Ukraine Goalie Evgeny Tsaregorodtsev Goes Crazy During Fight (Video)

Guess what? Ukrainian athletes freak out too. It isn’t just the Ron Artests and Yadier Molinas of the world that go ballistic during a game — it happens overseas, too.  I’m not really sure if we should file this under hockey fights or just plain meltdowns.  Aside from the bashing of the stick over someone’s…Read More

Jim Jorgenson vs. Judd Blackwater Hockey Fight (Video)

If you are a big hockey fan, you probably know that leagues like the AHL and ACHL are known for having some pretty sick hockey fights.  Players tend to play like they have more to prove than NHL guys, and that can lead to tempers flaring and an abundance of dust-ups.  Rarely do we get…Read More

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