Massive Russian youth hockey brawl turns into scene from ‘Slap Shot’

Massive brawls breaking out during games is nothing new, but it sure is different when it’s a bunch of peewees going at it. That’s what happened in this all-out fight between a couple of youth teams at a tournament in Novokuznetsk, Russia, according to Puck Daddy. These kids are all less than 12 years old, yet they’re absolutely beating on each other like they’re on “The Ultimate Fighter” trying for a spot in the UFC. We don’t ordinarily promote violence at LBS, but when there’s a 20-on-20 fight breaking out and everyone has a man like that playground scene in “Good Will Hunting,” we can’t pass up sharing it with you.

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Video: Massive Brawl Breaks Out in Finland Hockey Game

I have no idea what caused this brawl, but Puck Daddy informs us that the teams involved (HIFK, Pelicans) set a league record by amassing 465 penalty minutes. If you watch the video (particularly after the 1:17 mark), you’ll know why. These teams straight up got their Charlestown Chiefs on. It was awesome. Watch:

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Video: Milan Lucic Fights Paul Gaustad in First Two Minutes of Bruins-Sabres Game

Two weekends ago, Bruins forward Milan Lucic was on a breakaway when the puck got away from him and he collided with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who had left the crease. Miller ended up with a concussion and called Lucic a piece of s*** after the game. The NHL did not suspend nor fine Lucic, feeling that his collision with Miller was unavoidable rather than intentional. The Sabres were upset with the ruling and felt the league wasn’t doing enough to protect the goalies.

The teams met again Wednesday night, and in the first 90 seconds, Lucic and Sabres center Paul Gaustad agreed to throw down. Lucic dropped Gaustad in a matter of a few stiff right hands. Observe:

There is a saying in basketball called “ball don’t lie.” The saying means that the outcome on the court indicates who was ultimately right or wrong in a dispute. In this case, the same principle applies. Fight don’t lie, Buffalo.

Hockey Coach Fights Rowdy Fans with Stick (Video)

In Soviet Russia, if you harass a hockey team, they will fight back with their sticks. That’s what former NHL bruiser Andrei Nazarov decided to do after fans threw something at him at the end of his team’s loss this weekend. Cue the incredible video:

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Cal Clutterbuck Punches Ref in Face During Fight With Max Lapierre (Video)

Ever watch a hockey game and wonder why the referees just allow the players to go at it?  The main reason is fighting is good for the game of hockey.  People go to games to see fights.  It’s kind of disturbing when you stop and think about it, but it’s a fact.  Another reason refs stand back and watch hockey fights most of the time is that they don’t want to attempt to separate two grown men whose adrenaline is pumping through the roof.  If they were to try it, they might end up taking a fist to the face.  Check out this Max LaPierre-Cal Clutterbuck fight video from Thursday night’s game between the Wild and Canucks and watch the linesman get punched in the face more than once.  Thanks to @cjzero for passing along the hilarious video.

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Jay Beagle Loses Fight with Arron Asham, Pulls Out Tooth (Video)

Washington Capitals center Jay Beagle picked the wrong dude to fight Thursday night. Beagle, an inexperienced fighter, ended up fighting Penguins winger Arron Asham. Asham dropped Beagle with one devastating punch that left the Caps center bloodied. Here is a video of the fight:

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Study: Hockey Players Are More Aggressive When Wearing Black Sweaters

They say that black is a slimming color. Could it be that black is a color that prompts aggression? For hockey players, that may be the case.

A study published in the Social Psychological & Personality Science area of the SAGE Journals says hockey players accrue more penalties when wearing black sweaters compared to white ones. From the study’s abstract:

To examine the color–aggression link, the authors analyzed the last 25 seasons of NHL penalty-minute data (649 seasons from 30 teams collapsed across 52,098 games). When teams wore black jerseys, they were penalized more than when they did not (d = 1.19; Study 1). When teams switched to wearing colored jerseys at home games, they were penalized more than when they wore white jerseys at home games (d = 0.83; Study 2). Collectively, these quasi-experimental findings suggest that black jerseys are associated with more aggression and that white jerseys are associated with less.

It seems like it would be difficult to tell what color jersey a team wore for a game 25 years ago, but I’ll take their word for it. Just from the abstract, it’s also difficult to tell how significant the gap was between penalty minutes accrued in white jerseys compared to black ones. Still, it seems like an interesting study and something worth monitoring during the season. It’s also worth pointing out that Penguins goalie Brent Johnson was wearing a black sweater when he broke Rick DiPietro’s face in February with one punch. After reading this study, I’m not so confident that would have happened had he been wearing white.

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