Blackhawks’ Sami Lepisto takes puck to the leg, has a horrendous bruise (Picture)

What this picture tells me is that all the padding a hockey player wears on their legs literally prevents them from shattering a knee. A lot of people think taking a slap shot off the leg during a hockey game doesn’t hurt because of the padding, but I’m pretty sure the photo above contradicts that line of thinking. Blackhawks defenseman Sami Lepisto took a puck to the inside of the knee in during a recent playoff game against the Coyotes. The result was a bruise across his entire leg.

This might not look quite as nasty as other hockey injuries like this one or this one, but I’m sure it hurts just as much — if not more. Even further evidence of how tough some of these dudes are.

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Ryan Duncan’s nose and face look pretty rough after being cut by a skate (Picture)

And the ice skate strikes again. The gentleman you see in the photo above is Ryan Duncan, the 2007 Hobey Baker Award winner at the University of North Dakota and current member of the Portland Pirates — a Phoenix Coyotes’ AHL affiliate. Duncan took a skate to the face in overtime on Sunday afternoon and needed 45 stitches to correct the damage.

Looks like the doctors did a decent job of putting his face back together. The photo was tweeted by Duncan himself with the following message: “Skate to the face last night. 4 and a half hours getting repaired. 45 stitches. #whysoserious.”

Spoken like a true hockey player. The stitches and scar Taylor Hall were left with a couple months ago were a little more Frankensteinish, but there’s something about the slit nostril that makes me cringe every time I see it. We didn’t get a chance to see Duncan before he was stitched up, but let’s just hope his nose wasn’t quite as bad as Darryl’s Boyce’s.

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Darryl Boyce Nose Picture Is Savage

Below is Maple Leafs center Darryl Boyce. He was going for a check against the Hurricanes Thursday night but missed and ran into the glass. The result was a nasty injury to his nose and eyes they call “facial lacerations.” I’d say so.

This is the censored version of the pic, but if you think you can handle the real thing, continue below.

The rookie center tweeted that pic after exiting the game. It’s pretty similar to this nasty MMA injury where a fighter had his ear torn off (see pics here and here).

Missed checks 1, stitches eight, time in training room 12 hours. Increasing your twitter followers by 2,000? Priceless.

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Anze Kopitar Takes High Stick to the Face, Returns to Score Winning Goal

So I already told you about Jonathan Quick’s awesome retro look in the Kings’ opener on Saturday night in Vancouver. He was sporting old-school pads and a Rogie Vachon-style mask and looked sweet in their win. What I left out of that post was how Kings star Anze Kopitar was playing despite having a jagged looking cut and major stitches on his face. Check out this gnarly thing:

Kopitar looked like a relative of The Joker with the cut on his face, yet he managed to score the winning goal in the shootout to beat the Canucks. What I didn’t realize is that Kopitar incurred the cut through a high stick earlier in the game that knocked his teeth out. In this video from SI Hot Clicks, you can see the trainer trying to find Kopitar’s teeth on the ice after the high stick!

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