Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy reportedly considering legal options against Hope Solo

“Dancing With the Stars” and one if its professional dancers, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, reportedly are considering taking legal action against Hope Solo in response to an allegation she makes in her new book.

In her new book “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” Solo says Chmerkovskiy, who was her dance partner on the show, once slapped her in the face during a practice session.

Chmerkovskiy hasn’t publicly commented on the story, but he did send a few ambiguous tweets that many believe were a response to Solo:

The Huffington Post reports that neither Chmerkovskiy nor the show has responded because they are considering legal options.

“At the moment, Maks and ABC are not making any public statements, as they are considering legal options,” a source told the Huffington Post. “Not only did Hope not tell the truth in the book, she also signed a contract with the producers of ‘DWTS’ and could be in breach of contract.”

Dancing With the Stars filmed everything that happened during practice sessions, so I think there would be a very easy way to prove whether Solo was lying or telling the truth. Given how honest she’s been in the book about so many embarrassing details, I tend to believe Solo was telling the truth. I say let’s bring in the tape!

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Hope Solo opens up about kissing a girl, getting slapped by her DWTS partner, and other things in new book

Hope Solo’s new book, “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” went on sale earlier this week. As expected, it drops some serious bombs. Fans of Hope and Hope haters would likely agree that the story of her life makes for good reading. Business Insider compiled some of the most interesting tidbits from the book after reading it and there are a few that are defintely worth noting.

For starters, Solo said she once made out with a French girl — who she says kept flirting with her — just to see what it would be like.

“I’d had gay teammates throughout my career — I thought maybe I should see their side of things,” she wrote. “So we made out. Interesting but not life-changing. I was straight.”

So there was that fun little account, but there was also stuff that was a lot more serious. Hope also claims in the book that her “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, was very rough with her during practice and once slapped her in the face while trying to put her head in the correct position. She says the show’s producers asked her if she wanted a different partner following the incident and she declined.

During the show, Solo became upset with the gossip magazines for saying she had a problem with Maksim and insisted she did not. According to a TMZ report, Chmerkovskiy was “shocked” when he heard that Hope had written that in her book and insists the story is “completely false.”

As you can see, the part of Solo’s book where she talked about being conceived during a conjugal visit just barely scratched the surface. She also talked about her love for partying and told a story about a time when she left the U.S.’s training camp in California, drove to Las Vegas, partied all night and returned to practice the next day without sleeping. From the sound of it, the book is a must-read.

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Hope Solo calls out Brandi Chastain

The US women’s soccer team beat Colombia 3-0 in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday to advance to the quarterfinals at the Summer Games in London. Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wambach, and Carli Lloyd all scored for the US, but the real games began after the contest ended. That’s when goalkeeper Hope Solo went off on NBC commentator and former Olympic gold medalist/World Cup winner Brandi Chastain. Here are all the tweets she sent after the match:

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US women’s soccer coach says sun was in Hope Solo’s eyes during early goals

Allowing two goals in the first half of a match is not something that happens to US Women’s soccer goalie Hope Solo very often. Solo is widely considered to be one of the best — if not the best — goalies in the world. The Americans found themselves trailing 2-0 to France in London on Wednesday after only 14 minutes of play. Fortunately, Alex Morgan was able to score two goals and the US came back to win 4-2. But how did that happen to Hope? Her coach blames the sun.

“(Solo) played better in the second half,” Pia Sundhage said according to USA TODAY. “I think the sun was a little bit bothering to her according to (goalkeeper coach) Paul Rogers, who has been working with her for a long time. Right now she’s really good. I think she was a little bit unlucky in the first half but she played with confidence in the second half. It will be interesting to follow her in the coming games.”

Naturally, Solo made no excuses and certainly wasn’t about to play the sun card.

“There are going to be nerves,” Solo said. “There are going to be unpredictable things that do happen, but that’s what keeps it interesting. … Was the sun a factor, as coach Pia said? I will never use that as an excuse (laughing). There was definitely a glare. It’s a factor, but so is rain and wind. It’s the Olympics and I won’t use it as an excuse.”

There’s also going to be raunchy distractions in the Olympic Village as Solo so kindly shared with the world, but those can’t be used as an excuse either. Sun or no sun, the important thing was the US was able to quickly climb back into the game and remain focused. I’d be surprised if they find themselves trailing by two goals early in the second half many times during the tournament.

Hope Solo was conceived during a conjugal visit

When you watch an athlete on TV or while attending a game, you don’t really think about who they are as a person. You don’t really think about where they came from, what they went through, and what made them who they are. We often just coldly judge athletes based on the hired entertainers we perceive them to be without considering anything else about them. It seems like Hope Solo is trying to change that about herself.

The US women’s soccer team goalie has published an autobiography entitled “Solo: A Memoir of Hope” that goes on sale August 14. Excerpts from the book were released by NBC Olympics on Monday, and they detail Solo’s rough upbringing.

Solo says her father was in and out of her life growing up. He had multiple families, fathered children with different women, and had them living in homes paid for by money he embezzled from a company where he worked. Solo described him as a con man and ladies man who “was unreliable at best and a criminal at worst.”

And get this: Solo says she was conceived during a conjugal visit while her father was serving a prison sentence in Washington.

That’s enough to give you an idea of how rough things were for Hope. She says she’s made peace with her father and that has helped prevent her from being bitter and angry.

Solo described the process of divulging all her secrets as therapeutic, comparing it to having a childhood counselor.

“It was hard. I came to grips with a lot of difficulties that I’ve overcome,” Solo told NBC. “Each challenge kind of makes you who you are. It wasn’t always a good thing. I have my own struggles in my life because of the things I was forced to overcome. So it was hard, it was a reality check, for sure. But I am really happy I’ve done it.

“I just want people to not judge with their eyes, but judge with their hearts, and I think that’s what this book is all about,” she says.

The book comes out August 14. Based on the excerpt and how openly Solo speaks in general, the book should be excellent.

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Brandi Chastain: Hope Solo’s drug test was distraction team didn’t need

LBS spoke with former gold medal and World Cup winning soccer player Brandi Chastain recently to preview Team USA’s chances at the Summer Games in London. Chastain spoke with me on behalf of the Capital One Cup, which was won by Stanford and Florida in 2012, and for whom she is a spokesperson. We discussed Hope Solo’s positive drug test, compared the World Cup to the Olympics, and talked about Team USA.

Chastain felt Solo’s positive drug test was an unnecessary distraction for the team ahead of the Games.

“It’s news that they don’t need,” Chastain told Larry Brown Sports. “As athletes, we have to be more careful. Whether you’ve been told one time something is OK, it’s always good to double and triple and quadruple check. Something as innocuous as a cold medication to clear up the sniffles could derail not only you as an individual, but perhaps a whole team.

“I was disappointed that it came up because for as careful as I think everybody is, I think we could all go without some medication for a short amount of time and not suffer too greatly,” she said. “The good thing about this news is that it’s at a time when we can still be able to talk about it, discuss it, get over it, and move on. There’s enough time before the start of the Olympics to put it behind them once they’ve taken care of it.”

Chastain says the drug testing process is a nuisance, but necessary.

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Hope Solo speaks openly on sex and debauchery in the Olympic Village

Some stories have managed to get out to the public realm, but, largely, the legendary amount of hooking up that takes place in the Olympic Village each Olympiad has been one of the better-kept secrets of the Games.

However, a tremendous, new ESPN The Magazine story is doing its part to blow the lid wide off on the frat house-like atmosphere of the swanky digs Olympians call home for two-plus weeks. In tremendous and shocking detail, too, thanks to several candid former and current Olympians.

One of the athletes who spoke openly about their wild experiences at the Olympic Village is massively popular U.S. women’s soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo, who won gold four years ago in Beijing and has already had made her share of headlines this week.

“There’s a lot of sex going on,” Solo said. So much, in fact, that U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte estimates that “70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians” engage in what Bill Clinton would call “sexual relations.”

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