Houston Nutt Upset with Writer for Picking Ole Miss to Lose 49-10

Neal McCready, who covers Ole Miss football for Rivals, predicted that the Rebels would lose to Arkansas 49-10 in his weekly picks. McCready was correct that Ole Miss lost the game, but it was only 29-24. Apparently the five-point loss (complemented by a blown 17-0 lead) was a source of pride for Nutt. After the game, he had a few words for McCready.

“They played real hard,” Nutt said. “They played harder than that 49-10, right, Neal? One on my players told me. I don’t read your stuff; they tell me what you say. One of my freshmen told me that Neal McCready wrote that we were going to get beat 49-10. It wasn’t no 49-10.”

Apparently not all losses are equal in Houston Nutt’s book — Ole Miss fought hard for that defeat.

New rules: At the end of the day, it’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s about whether or not you got blown out. Thanks for the words of inspiration, Houston.

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Houston Nutt: This Is the Hardest Time Ever to Be a College Football Coach

Maybe Houston Nutt knew something about Tommy Tuberville before the rest of us did, but there’s no doubt that the recent climate amongst college football coaches has been murky at best. Seems like guys are getting fired at a rapid pace and that there is less and less patience, and higher and higher expectations. While I may call out coaches if I believe they’re doing a poor job, I always believe you must be able to hire a better coach than the one you’re firing to warrant the change. I’m on the record saying Mississippi State can’t do better than Sylvester Croom, and that Clemson should have looked for someone other than Dabo Swinney. And last year I thought Arkansas was crazy to cut ties with (or make life miserable for, depending no how you look at it) Houston Nutt, who is currently the Ole Miss coach after being blown out by Arkansas last year. Nutt did a really good job at Arkansas, and has already worked wonders at Ole Miss. He’s also pretty familiar with how tough the coaching landscape is these days. His response after being asked whether or not this is the hardest time to be a coach on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio:

“I think it’s probably the hardest time ever to be a coach. It is a business. I think it is important for coaches not to get lost in why they’re really in it — and that’s the 18, 19, 20-year-olds and trying to make a difference in their lives. It’s too hard if you think that ‘I’m in it for the money or I’m in to do this …’ you get away from the real reason why you started coaching.”

When you see guys like Phil Fulmer and Tommy Tuberville get blown out in the same year it really makes you agree with Nutt’s comments. Everybody wants to win a title, go to BCS Bowl Games, win their conference, win 10 games a season … the list goes on. The expectations are outrageous and unrealistic. If Nick Saban’s going undefeated, then there has to be 12 teams chalking one up in the “L” column each week. There simply aren’t enough wins to go around to please everyone. And I really think teams in the SEC have just completely panicked as a result of The Saban Effect, and are firing good, reliable coaches in search of someone who can keep up with Saban.

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