Illinois student section had a pathetic showing

Illinois student section

Illinois’ student section had a pathetic showing for the Illini’s home game on Saturday against Ohio State.

The Illini lost 60-35 to the Buckeyes for their 20th consecutive Big Ten loss. The students must have known a defeat was coming (or they’re all studying for exams or something), because very few of them showed up for the game.

Here’s how the student section looked 10 minutes before kickoff:

Some students did file in later, but they still were unable to pull off a proper card stunt:

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Illinois football player Graham Pocic signs a baby (Picture)

The Illinois fan who asked offensive lineman Graham Pocic to sign his baby must be one of the most hardcore college football fans in the country. Really? You’re offering your baby to be inked by an offensive lineman? I could understand asking Tim Tebow to do the Heisman pose while holding your child — maybe — but having a center do it? That’s unheard of, and I don’t even care if Pocic ends up in the NFL (which is likely).

I’d hate to find out what this fan would sweep under the rug if it meant a Big Ten championship for his team. Yikes.

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Photo via Illinois Football on Facebook