Indiana football gets crazy new helmets, players go nuts (Video)

Indiana football is the latest program to join the new uniform and helmet craze, and judging by the players’ reactions, the new helmets are a big hit.

Indiana new helmets

Indiana, which is an adidas school, unveiled five new football helmets they may wear during the season. According to IU athletics, head coach Kevin Wilson showed the new helmets to the team Sunday evening in the Henke Hall of Champions with the help of fifth-year senior safety Greg Heban and senior wide receiver Kofi Hughes. Wilson says the helmets will always include the traditional crimson color and IU logo.

Below is a closer look at each new helmet:

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Indiana Coach Kevin Wilson Owns Zakk and Jack Radio Show (Audio)

When you mix a new coach who has something to prove, with radio hosts who love to ruffle feathers, it’s never pretty. Of course, by saying it’s never pretty, I mean it’s brilliant for people like us. New Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson recently appeared on the Zakk and Jack Show on 1260 WNDE in Indiana.  The conversation was a short one.  Before Wilson went on the air, hosts Dominic Zaccagnini and Jack Trudeau were having a blast ripping on the Indiana program and talking about how you rarely hear their fight song because they never win.  Meanwhile, Wilson was was on hold getting more and more pissed off.  Check it out:

What do they expect?  If you’re going to rag on a coach’s team on the air, you probably should do it some time when he isn’t on hold.  Wilson is the new man in town and the only way to earn respect is to beat your chest a little.  As soon as you allow the local media to start walking all over you life becomes difficult.  The real tragedy here was having to listen to Zakk and Jack basically cry about the coach being mean to them.  Nothing wrong with a guy who tells it like it is.

H/T to The Big Lead for pointing out the audio.

Damarlo Belcher Dropped TD Helps Iowa Avoid Upset Against Indiana

Most of us expected No. 16 Iowa to beat Indiana with ease on Saturday afternoon, but when all was said and done Indiana should have won the game.  The Hoosiers led for much of the game, but Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi hooked up with Marvin McNutt for a 52-yard score that gave the Hawkeyes an 18-13 lead with under three minutes left to play.

Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell was able to quickly lead his troops back and give them a chance to pull out the upset, but receiver Damarlo Belcher dropped a pass in the end zone on fourth down.  There were only 35 seconds remaining and the touchdown likely would have meant the win for the Hoosiers.  Definition of a heart breaker.

Photo Credit: AP Photo

Indiana Screwed by Refs on 4th Quarter Interception for Michigan

It could have been a magnificent upset for the Indiana Hoosiers at the Big House but alas, the dominant program prevailed. Indiana led the game with about nine minutes left after scoring on an 85 yard touchdown run by Darius Willis. You knew that Michigan wouldn’t be held back and Tate Forcier led the team down the field, connecting with Martavious Odoms to give Michigan the go-ahead score. At this point all was right in the world for the Wolverines; they should never be beat by Indiana. But the Hoosiers still had a chance to pull out the win or try for a tie, down just 36-33 with two and a half minutes left. Now I’m not saying Indiana would have marched down the field but I am saying that terrible calls by the referees like the one below sure doesn’t help. Check out the last minute interception by Michigan around the 1:30 mark:

Like I said, the refs didn’t take a win away from Indiana, but they gave them a bad call on that interception. It should not have been ruled an INT since the two players held the ball simultaneously. I supposed the refs just sped up the inevitable though it’s not their place to.