Sports Hex App Offers to Curse Opposing Team or Player

A new Sports Hex application is available on iTunes and it offers fans the ability to place a curse on an opposing team or player for the low price of $0.99. Hexes are available in the form of Voodoo, Brujeria, or Chaos Witchcraft. Here’s the description from their iTunes page:

“SportsHex is an application that allows fans to cast hexes on opposing teams or players using real practitioners of black magic. Identify your target, select a hex/practitioner, and hit the “cast” button. Your target’s name is instantly sent to an inbox which has been cursed by the chosen practitioner.”

Look, I don’t know if the person casting a hex is the same dude the Dodgers were paying multiple thousands to channel them positive energy from Russia, but no way this works, right? Or are we so desperate as sports fans that we’re willing to shell out a buck just to try and turn the tides? I suppose if I’m a San Jose Sharks fan, what’s an extra 99 cents when you’re trying not to become the fourth team to blow a 3-0 series lead in the playoffs. Just tell me you’re not one of the suckers. Then again, that’s gotta be more worth your money than this idiotic app.

Leroy’s Sports Betting App Coming to Droid, Already on Blackberry

Great news for all you gambling degenerates out there (and yes, I know that’s like the entire LBS audience), there will be increasingly more ways to lose money betting on sports. For residents in Nevada, the Leroy’s sportsbook has been offering a betting app through the Blackberry since September. The app was approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board last week and deemed “problem free.” The next step as pointed out by The Wiz of Odds is building and approving an app for Android phones. Not sure when it’s coming for iPhones.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Leroy’s, they run the sportsbook at Hooter’s, Sahara, and Riviera in Las Vegas. They often offer different odds from what’s available on the rest of the strip because most other hotel’s sports books are linked and thus share the same odds.

The one catch of course is that your phone’s GPS must say you’re in Nevada in order for the app to work. Though many people do their sports betting with offshore casinos, advancements like this make it more likely for people to do keep their betting with American sports books. And who knows? Maybe the droid app will be ready in time for folks who want to do Super Bowl betting.

T.O. Missed Flight Working on iPhone App

If there were ever two NFL players perfectly MFEO, Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens were them. These guys are on the same mental level and will probably cancel each other out in the Bengals locker room with all their idiocy. That’s why it wasn’t at all surprising to read that T.O. supposedly missed his flight to Cincinnati Wednesday night because he was busy working on developing his iPhone app. At least that’s the story coming from the New York Post and I’m guessing they got the story from the app developers. Why is that? Because they gave the company’s name a plug in their Page Six report.

The part about Owens missing his flight is fact — confirmed by Terrell himself. Though he did not make it to the Nati in time for practice on Thursday morning, he arrived in time to participate in the evening practice.

While many people are concerned about the combustibility factor in the Bengals locker room, we think the onus for the offense now falls on quarterback Carson Palmer. Chad and Terrell are the perfect match and they’ll be busy keeping each other occupied as they compete for more twitter followers and better end zone celebrations. Their Cincinnati story will have a happy ending. The Bengals? That’s a different question. An NFC North repeat is possible, but they won’t be Super Bowl contenders.

T.O. develops his own phone app [New York Post]

iPhone Developes TigerText Deleting App

If there’s one positive to come out of Tiger Woods’ mistress scandal it would be the adaptation of technology. Tiger was already being crucified by the gossip mags before the ultimate embarrassment came when his personal voice mail messages and text messages were released to the public. Imagine though if those messages were never made available for the public. OK, I admit Tiger would only look like 1% better given all that he did, but an iPhone app has been developed to help these situations in the future.

The TigerText app allows a user to put a timed delete on messages they send. Put that at 24 hours and any embarrassing/potentially incriminating evidence disappears a day after you send them because all texts are sent and received on a server. The only problem with the app is that both users must have it for the deleting process to work. It’s only available for iPhones but at least Blackberry is also supposedly developing the same program. Then again, anyone who’s willing to betray you by sharing personal messages probably would lie about having the TigerText program. The good news is that Tiger can pick up a new endorsement to replace Gatorade. I think his people should seriously consider this one.