Saying “Really Motherf***er” to a referee got Ivan Johnson ejected from a summer league game (Video)

The NBA’s Las Vegas Summer League is a place for rookies to get some court time with their new teams and a good opportunity for others to impress in hopes of landing a spot on a roster for the upcoming season.

ivan-johnson-hawksIvan Johnson, formerly of the Atlanta Hawks, most recently played for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls over in China and has bounced around between various leagues during his professional career. Now, he’s suiting up for the Dallas Mavericks during the summer league. On Wednesday, Johnson, who has been known for less than appropriate behavior in the past, managed to get himself tossed from the Mavericks’ game against the Charlotte Hornets for an outburst directed toward a referee.

Overall, the summer league is a fairly laid back environment. That being said, saying “Really Motherf***er” in the direction of a referee still isn’t going to go over well. That obviously didn’t stop Ivan Johnson from letting it fly though.

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Ivan Johnson flips the bird to a Celtics fan right in his face (Picture)

Sometimes rookies just aren’t as equipped to deal with difficult situations as veterans are. In this case, the difficult situation came in the form of a fan interaction. As you can see from the photo above that Austin Espinoza shared with us on Twitter, Hawks rookie forward Ivan Johnson did not appreciate something a Celtics fan said to him after Atlanta’s loss on Thursday night. In order to express his displeasure, Johnson flipped the C’s fan the bird — directly in his face. Jump ahead for the uncensored version.

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