J.J. Hickson had one of the worst passes you will ever see (Video)

JJ-Hickson-passOftentimes when a team loses a close game, there are one or two plays you can point to that may have been the difference in the game. Fortunately for J.J. Hickson, the Portland Trail Blazers came away with a 92-90 win over the Miami Heat on Thursday night. For that reason, we’re able to simply classify the pass he made in the second quarter as a laugher.

Hickson was attempting to pass the ball to Sasha Pavlovic in the corner and it wound up several rows deep in the stands. No one was really pressuring him at the time, so it appeared the ball simply just got away from the big man. As Carlos Boozer could tell Hickson, these things happen when passing isn’t your specialty.

Sacramento Kings Overpaid for J.J. Hickson by Giving up Omri Casspi, Pick

The Kings and Cavaliers snuck a trade in before the NBA lockout was announced Thursday, exchanging Omri Casspi and a lottery-protected 2012 first-round pick for J.J. Hickson.

Other than losing the support of Jewish fans everywhere, I thought it was a pretty good trade for the Kings. My initial reaction was sweet, Geoff Petrie finally managed to pull off a trade without getting reamed.

Considering he got killed in the Beno Udrih-John Salmons trade and has a track record of being on the losing end of one-sided deals, getting Hickson seemed like a major coup. Remember, Petrie is the guy who essentially traded Kevin Martin for 27 games of Marcus Thornton.

Looking more closely at Hickson’s numbers last season, though, I’m not so convinced. I’m beginning to think the Kings overpaid for him.

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