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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Jake Delhomme

With Colt McCoy Out, Jake Delhomme is Being Jake Delhomme

Colt McCoy was unable to go for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday due to a high ankle sprain.  Naturally that was bad news for the Browns, who have been playing inspired football since McCoy took over Week 6.  The Browns’ signal calling duties have now been turned back over to Jake Delhomme, and we all…Read More

Ndamukong Suh Rips Jake Delhomme’s Head Off

If you missed this play over the weekend then you have to see it. With the memory of Ndamukong Suh’s monstrous Big 12 Championship game against Texas where he had four and a half sacks and tossed Colt McCoy around rag doll-style fresh in our minds, Suh had his first “I am here to dominate”…Read More

Jake Delhomme Is now the Highest Paid Quarterback in the League

Even though Jake Delhomme said he was “blindsided” when the Panthers decided to release him, it wasn’t surprising that Carolina decided they needed a new starting quarterback for the upcoming season. What surprised me was that they didn’t keep Delhomme around as a backup considering he was still owed $12.65 million guaranteed from an extension…Read More

Jake Delhomme’s Extension: Worst NFL Money Ever Spent

So if your quarterback turns the ball over six times to help you lose your biggest game of the season — the divisional round of the NFC playoffs — how would you reward him? With a five-year contract extension of course! Carolina’s choice to hand Jake Delhomme $20 million guaranteed this offseason was some of…Read More

Jake Delhomme’s Worst Nightmare Wasn’t Even That Bad

What can you really say after a hideous performance such as the one Jake Delhomme delivered on Saturday night? You’re probably at a loss for words if you’re Jake Delhomme — and he was. Or as John Fox said, they picked a bad night to have a bad night. Perhaps week five would have been…Read More

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