Picture: GSP’s Eye After Jake Shields Poke

Georges St. Pierre beat Jake Shields in their UFC 129 fight Saturday by unanimous decision. Many critics (and GSP himself) were disappointed he didn’t finish Shields with a knockout or submission, but part of the problem was GSP got poked/punched in the eye and couldn’t see out of it for most of the fight. Doctors initially feared a detached retina when they examined him because they could not see into the eye. At that point you were probably wondering what the freaking eye looked like, and luckily UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste came through with a picture:

That looks pretty darn bad and it’s no surprise GSP was handed a 60-day medical suspension. I know a lot of folks were disappointed by GSP’s performance, but keep in mind he wasn’t hurt throughout the fight and pretty much dominated things despite not having full vision. As for the folks pushing a Nick Diaz fight, get off of it. There’s only one fight fans should want to see, and it’s GSP vs. Anderson Silva. I know GSP’s team has major concerns about the weight difference, but that’s the one that needs to happen.

Thanks to 5th Round for sharing the link, and how does GSP’s eye compare to Mark Hominick’s injuries?

Weight Loss to Blame for Jake Shields’ Underwhelming UFC Debut?

Jake Shields made his UFC debut on Saturday night in Anaheim defeating Martin Kampmann by split decision at UFC 121. Shields may have won the fight but he looked unimpressive doing so. Moreover, his wrestling style bored fans who were looking for more action.

The 31-year-old, who extended his winning streak to 15 with the win, said UFC jitters and a weight drop played a role in his underwhelming performance. “I don’t want to make excuses, but it was my first time at 170 in while,” Shields said after the fight. “I cut 20 pounds in a day. I’ll never do that again. I kept my winning streak going, and I’m going to come back stronger next time.”

Shields had been fighting at the middleweight level in Strikeforce where the weight limit is 185 pounds. His match with Kampmann was a welterweight fight where the limit is 170 pounds, so the weight drop definitely played a role. Watching the fight, we commented immediately that Shields looked emaciated and as if he may have over-trained. He seemed to lack strength and stamina throughout the fight, so his post-fight comments definitely explain things. He won’t make the same mistake next time when he squares off against the GSP-Koscheck winner.

And if you really want to know how fans feel about Jake Shields, check out this video:

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