SDSU’s Jamaal Franklin throws down incredible self alley-oop (Video)

jamaal franklin dunkSan Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin threw down what may be the dunk of the season in college hoops. The junior guard was dribbling up the court on a fastbreak Wednesday at Fresno State. For some reason, Franklin decided to throw the ball off the backboard. He let his pass go from beyond the 3-point line, split two defenders, and then power-jammed home the ball.

It was an absolutely incredible alley-oop.

“That was just me being myself,” Franklin said of the dunk after the game, via the Associated Press. “A lot of players won’t do that, but I’m real thankful my teammates have confidence in me.”

The Aztecs beat Fresno State 65-62 in their conference opener. Franklin had 20 points and a career-high 18 rebounds. He leads the team with 17.4 points and 10.5 rebounds per game.

Video via @cjzero

SDSU’s Jamaal Franklin denies flipping referee the bird (Picture)

San Diego State guard Jamaal Franklin denied flipping the bird to a referee during his team’s loss to New Mexico Saturday. SDSU was trailing by 11 before halftime of the Mountain West Conference tournament finals when Franklin was whistled for a foul. Franklin was frustrated and seemed to flip the bird to the ref, but he denied that after the game.

‘No, not at all,” the conference player of the year said.

San Diego State reporter Edward Lewis tweeted otherwise, saying that Franklin flipped off the ref. When someone suggested Franklin was flipping off a group of New Mexico fans, Lewis insisted it was directed toward the ref. Franklin also reportedly went after the same ref later in the game, using profanity.

The evidence is mounted against him, but without having seen a replay, I guess we’ll have to take Franklin’s word on it for now.

Uncensored version of the picture below:

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