Arkansas reaches out to wrong Jamal Anderson on behalf of Bret Bielema

Jamal-Anderson-dirty-birdBret Bielema is entering his first season as the head football coach at Arkansas. As the new guy in town, one of his responsibilities will be establishing a relationship with former players and other alumni who have gone through the school. Just five months after his hiring, Bielema has already realized he should keep a closer eye on the football operations department.

On Friday, former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson shared a photo of a note someone in Arkansas’ football operations department sent him on behalf of Bielema. The aim was to reach out to Anderson as a former Razorback who went on to the NFL. The only problem is Jamal went to Utah.


The person who wrote the note was looking for Jamaal Anderson, the guy who has two A’s in his first name and plays defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Like Jamal, Jamaal was also drafted by the Falcons and played four seasons in Atlanta. Perhaps that’s where the author of the note got confused.

Can you blame the guy for wanting to reach out to the master of the Dirty Bird instead of a Bengals defensive end? Neither can we.

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Hakeem Nicks Does Dirty Bird After Touchdown, Jamal Anderson Not Mad

Hakeem Nicks did the Dirty Bird after breaking free for a 72-yard touchdown against the Falcons in the playoffs Sunday. The Dirty Bird was the trademark touchdown dance of former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson. Anderson did it all throughout the 1998 season, one where he rushed for 1,846 yards and 14 touchdowns while leading his team to a Super Bowl appearance.

While initially shocked at Nicks’ celebration — and possibly annoyed — Jamal came around.

“Btw, I’m not mad at Nicks. I Broke out the Dirty Bird in ’98, it’s trending on Twitter in 2012,” he tweeted (as pointed out by Shutdown Corner).

Nicks had 6 catches for 115 yards and two touchdowns, so he earned the right to celebrate. Mike Smith and his 0-for-3 mark on fourth downs deserved to be mocked.

For comparison, here is a look at Nicks’ and Anderson’s Dirty Birds:

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