Exclusive: James Toney Kicked Out of Training Gym After Incident with Member

Boxer James Toney is preparing for his special rules MMA fight with Ken Shamrock but he’s doing so in a new setting. Toney has switched gyms after being kicked out of his old training grounds, LBS has learned.

Toney used to do his training at the 360 Health Club in Reseda, California, but was kicked out after having an incident with another member. The gym would not comment on the matter citing company policy, but they did confirm that Toney is no longer a member. We’re told Toney made another member feel uncomfortable with a verbal and/or physical threat.

When asked what happened between him and 360, Toney told LBS “We had a disagreement with the managers. We had too much traffic coming in — the wrong traffic.” We did not press Toney for details on the specifics of the incident, but officials at 360 say the suggestion that bringing in “the wrong traffic” was not the issue.

Toney is now training at the newly constructed IFC Gym in Van Nuys, California which was the site of the meet-and-greet where Toney and Shamrock nearly fought. A date for the fight has not been officially announced, but it’s expected to take place either late September or early October.

James Toney and Ken Shamrock Nearly Fight at Press Conference (Video)

James Toney and Ken Shamrock had to be separated at a meet and greet Saturday evening at the IFC Gym in Van Nuys, California. The two were at the gym to meet fans and pose for photos in anticipation of their upcoming fight. The rules for the fight were explained: there will be eight 3-minute rounds and a 30-second time limit on the ground. The new regulation, intended to even the fight between the storied boxer and MMA fighter, was termed a “shot clock” by the promoters.

Shamrock promised to stand up and fight Toney, unlike Randy Couture who took Toney to the ground and submitted him. He said he would get in Toney’s face and stand up to him like a boxer, allowing the fight to be competitive.

Toney’s manager admitted that taking the fight against Couture using full UFC rules was a mistake, and they said the move was intended to embarrass boxing. We saw it as an opportunity Toney wanted to promote himself on a big stage. This time around it should be a more even fight where Shamrock will be subjected to Toney’s boxing skills more than Couture was.

James Toney Calls Out David ‘Gaye’ and Wladimir ‘Bitschko’ for Ducking him

James Toney is a likely Hall of Fame boxer who is one of the best trash talkers around. He recently signed on to fight Ken Shamrock in an MMA bout on October 1st. In an interview with East Side Boxing, Toney admitted that he’s turned to MMA because no good boxers will face him. Naturally, Toney made his admission while getting in a jab at David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko who are fighting on July 2nd.

“These guys are clowns!” Toney told East Side Boxing. “You’ve got David “Gaye” and Wladimir “Bitschko,” who are gonna earn millions all because Gaye can talk trash. They call him a great trash-talker, but I’m THE BEST trash-talker on the planet! He [Haye] did some shit with a T-shirt and he talked his way into a million dollar fight! That’s nothing- I called Klitschko’s mom a b**ch and his sister too, and they don’t wanna fight me. How come? I did everything I could to get those two sisters into the ring.”

While trash talking is always an effective way of generating buzz and getting an opponent’s attention, there is one key component to getting big fights: you have to be a competitive fighter. Toney is 42 and no longer good enough to compete with the elite heavyweights in the world. On top of that, it’s difficult to trust a fighter who got busted for using steroids in the past.

Toney may not be good enough to compete with the best fighters anymore, but he can still bring top level trash talk. Because of his entertainment value, we’ll be watching his fight with Shamrock.

James Toney and Ken Shamrock Will Have MMA Fight in September

There are some fights that are made that really get you pumped up. For me, Fedor-Henderson, Overeem-Silva, and Mayweather-Ortiz all spark interest. Then there are some fights that are strict pay days which we cover because it’s part of our job. And of course you inevitably have fights that never should be going on. Jose Canseco has had quite a few of those. Roy Jones Jr. has sadly joined the same category. And now, disappointingly, we can add one more.

Boxer James Toney and legendary UFC fighter Ken Shamrock will square off on September 23rd in El Paso, Texas according to BJPenn.com. Toney is a 42-year-old boxer who got destroyed by Randy Couture in his lone MMA fight. Toney looked so bad even Mike Tyson was laughing at him. The good news for Lights Out is he’s facing Shamrock who has gone 2-7 since 2005. The 47-year-old isn’t in top condition, but that doesn’t matter — Couture was the same age when he pummeled Toney.

Toney stands little chance to beat an MMA fighter in a mixed martial arts fight. If it were a boxing match, I’d install him as a 1:10 favorite. In the cage? The odds are the reverse. I would ask why he’s doing it to himself, but we all already know the answer — it’s to make money and remain relevant. LBS has a really interesting story on Toney we’ll be sharing later, so make sure you follow me on twitter @LBSports so you don’t miss it.

Lastly, any surprise Texas may be the venue? Keep in mind both fighters have been busted for PED-usage in the past and Texas’ athletic commission is lax when it comes to testing. Why do you think so many fights have been staged there recently?

James Toney Challenges Marcellus Wiley to MMA Fight

James Toney is 42 years old and coming off a loss to Randy Couture in his first career professional MMA fight. The former five division boxing champion is 72-6 in his career and set to return to the ring against Damon Reed on Thursday night. Prior to his fight, he appeared on 710 ESPN as a surprise guest Wednesday afternoon.

Talking with Max Kellerman and former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, Toney was getting into friendly tough-guy arguments with Marcellus. The former Pro Bowl defensive end kept talking like he could beat Toney in the boxing ring and in an MMA fight while Toney said he wouldn’t have a chance. James was so confident he would beat Wiley up that he wanted Kellerman to arrange a charity fight for the occasion.

Despite Kellerman’s efforts to stop Wiley from his bravado, Marcellus reiterated that he could beat Toney in the cage. Marcellus is known for running his mouth, and I think he’s running into a bad situation here. James Toney is a Hall of Fame boxer who could knock out almost anyone with whom he crossed paths. Stepping into any fighting situation with him is just not a good idea, Marcellus.

Let’s make this happen boys — Billy Blanks’ gym on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. I know Toney’s down — let’s make it happen!

You can listen to the entire interview here

Mike Tyson: James Toney Looked Horrible, Had No Respect

James Toney got destroyed by Randy Couture in his MMA debut at UFC 118 last month. Toney was unprepared to fight in the Octagon and was done as soon as he was taken down to the ground. This fact was evident to anyone watching, including Iron Mike Tyson himself.

Tyson, who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter, told the Canadian Press “You have to admit, Toney looked horrible. He looked slow. He didn’t look like a seasoned, conditioned athlete. You only had to look at his body structure. No way, Toney didn’t get ready to fight a real, professional athlete like Randy is. It was ridiculous. He had no respect for Randy.”

Tyson, ever the voice of sanity, said a boxer could succeed in MMA but would have to learn to wrestle and grapple first. He’s exactly right. Many MMA fighters have boxing backgrounds and all have to learn how to box. But that’s the thing — boxing is just one aspect of fighting in mixed martial arts. Without a wrestling and grappling background, you’re not going to do well in a fight.

Leave it to Tyson to say something that makes sense. Now if he says Toney should retire altogether, he’d be making even more sense.

Randy Couture Destroys James Toney

Making his MMA debut at UFC 118 in Boston Saturday night, James Toney defied the critics; he lasted just over three minutes — two more than many people expected.

If you thought this was going to be a matchup of boxing vs. MMA, as it was billed, then sorry, you got suckered into the fight’s selling line.

The 42-year-old out-of-shape Toney stood one chance to win — connecting on a knockout punch early against Randy Couture. It was a 1 in 100 shot for Lights Out and all depended on which came first — his punch or Couture’s takedown. 10 seconds into the fight, we had our answer.

Couture shot on Toney, got him to the ground, and it was over from there. The only question was how much punishment Toney would take before the fight was stopped or he submitted.

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