Did America have a problem with Jan Vesely’s big kiss after being drafted? (Video)

Michael Sam boyfriend kissOne of the raging controversies over the weekend and leading off the week has to do with the kiss(es) Michael Sam shared with his boyfriend on national TV upon being drafted 249th overall by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday.

Many people were grossed out at the site of two men kissing; others were upset with ESPN for consciously deciding to televise the kiss(es); and some are complaining that the cake smearing and multiple kisses were just excessive.

I can somewhat buy the argument that Sam and his boyfriend were excessive in their public displays of affection, but at the same time you have to put some of that on ESPN considering they control what we do and don’t see.

But one of my major issues is that people seem to be selectively complaining here.

Are people really uncomfortable with all public displays of affection between a draft pick and significant other? Or is it only a problem when it’s two men kissing?

I tend to feel that the underlying issue is people are uncomfortable with homosexual men showing affection in public.

Do you remember how Jan Vesely celebrated being drafted by the Washington Wizards in 2011? Here’s the video to refresh your memory:

We wrote about that kiss in 2011 and had no problem with it, just like we didn’t have an issue with Sam. Those were two kisses shared by Vesely and his now ex-girlfriend. And they were serious ones, too, not just wimpy pecks on the cheek.

Conversely, some people were grossed out when identical twin brothers Mike and Maurkice Pouncey shared a kiss on the lips to celebrate one of them being drafted:

That kiss was nothing compared to Vesely’s. And it was between two family members. Was it only weird because it involved two men? I think so. That’s something people need to just get over.

Jan Vesely up-faked the s— out of nobody last night (GIF)

Jan-Vesely-up-fakeDenver Nuggets forward Jan Vesely put on a clinic against the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night. He may have only scored five points and grabbed three rebounds in 12 minutes of action, but Vesely wowed the crowd when he broke no one’s ankles with a sick up-fake early in the second quarter.

No Blazers defender was playing Vesely close, so he decided it was the perfect moment to bust out the up-fake, step-back jump shot. It would have been even nastier if he drained the shot, but the move in itself was worth the price of admission.

Remember when Ray Allen said Vesely doesn’t know how to play basketball and I accused old man Ray of being grumpy? Ehh…

GIF via Twitter/Mike Prada

NBA Draft Analysis and Recap of the First 14 Picks – How do they all fit?

Thursday’s NBA draft was both exhilarating and head-scratching. Some players went higher than expected (ahem, Iman Shumpert). Others fell far, to teams that never expected to grab them (Chris Singleton and the Wizards, for instance).

It’s too early to tell which of these players will reach their potential and which ones will veer off the tracks in an Adam Morrison-like train crash. Like an overwrought episode of Franklin & Bash, it’ll take a while for the basketball community to reach its final verdicts.

In the meantime, here’s a quick pick-by-pick analysis of each player taken in this year’s lottery and how they fit with their new team:

1. Kyrie Irving (PG) – Cleveland

The look on Irving’s agent’s face when Irving’s name was called No. 1 was priceless. Turns out Cleveland had kept them in the dark all week long. Not a promise (despite there being word of a promise). Not a hint. Nothing. When you heard “Kyrie Irving to the Cleveland Cavaliers,” that’s the first time he heard it too. I’m sure Irving’s agent will remind Cavs executives of this in a few years when it comes time to sign an extension. In the meantime, Irving will be asked to keep the Cavs afloat with a nucleus of Baron Davis, AndersonVarejao, J.J. Hickson and Tristan Thompson. No easy feat. Let’s hope Dan Gilbert isn’t thinking playoffs any time soon.

2. Derrick Williams (PF) - Minnesota

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Jan Vesely Made Out with Girlfriend Eva Kodouskova at the Draft (Video)

The 2011 NBA Draft was full of foreign players with whom most of us are unfamiliar. Jan Vesely probably would have been just as unknown as all the other foreign players if it weren’t for the big smooch he shared with girlfriend Eva Kodouskova after he was drafted. Check it out:

Jan is a forward from the Czech Republic and his girlfriend plays for the country’s national team, according to SB Nation D.C. Explaining their passionate kiss, Jan told reporters “It’s my girfriend. It was a big moment for me and for her for my family, so I don’t know. It was just casual, so I don’t know what to say.”

Welp, the good news is at least his English is in top form. Plus, it could have been worse — at least he wasn’t been blown off for a kiss like this guy was.

A Beginner’s Guide to the 2011 NBA Draft: Profiles on All the Top Prospects

Reading NBA draft previews sometimes feels like wading through Princess Bride-style quicksand. With so many names to remember and stats to sift through, it can be hard to figure out what draft info is important and what’s just unnecessary nonsense.

Do you care as a casual fan, for instance, that Enes Kanter has 5.9% body fat? Or that Marcus Morris can run three quarters of the court in 3.2 seconds whereas his twin brother, Markieff, runs it in 3.4 seconds? Not really, right?

You just want the basics. Which is why I wrote this beginner’s guide.

Draft lunatics will already know most of what is written below. It’s not quantum physics, just a good starting place for people staring at the screen on draft night wondering “who is that guy?”

If you’re here for insight into Nikola Vucevic’s standing reach, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if cheat sheet info delivered in 100 words or less is your thing, I’m your guy. You won’t find any quicksand here.

Here’s my Cliff Notes-style guide to the 2011 NBA draft:

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