Jared Cook shoves Austin Davis on sidelines (Video)

Jared Cook Austin DavisSt. Louis Rams tight end Jared Cook shoved his quarterback Austin Davis on the sidelines Sunday after the team failed to score a touchdown in the red zone.

The Rams were up 21-20 and had the ball at the Dallas 10. On 3rd and 3, Davis threw a pass to Cook in the end zone that the tight end dropped. The Rams settled for a field goal to go up 24-20, but the two clearly had an issue on the sidelines.

As you can see, Cook goes up and shoves Davis, leading other Rams players to tell him to calm down.

Tyrann Mathieu saves touchdown with awesome play on Jared Cook

Remember how we told you Tyrann Mathieu was a “playmaking machine” in Arizona Cardinals training camp? Well he’s already making huge plays 10 minutes into his NFL career.

The Honey Badger raced down the field and poked the ball loose from behind on Jared Cook, who was streaking down the field toward the end zone for what would have been a St. Louis Rams touchdown on Sunday. The Rams’ play started at their 45, and Cook was credited with a 47-yard reception before fumbling at the 8.

By poking the ball out of Cook’s hands, Mathieu turned what would have been a touchdown into a touchback, saving his team seven points and giving the offense the ball.

On your way to an easy touchdown? Honey Badger don’t care.

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Jermichael Finley, Jared Cook, Zach Sudfeld highlight fantasy tight end sleepers

Jermichael-Finley-Tim-Tebow-CoverageThe tight end position is looking like it could be one of the most difficult to draft in fantasy football this season. Basically, you have New Orleans Saints stud Jimmy Graham at the top of the list. Underneath Graham, you have everyone else.

Rob Gronkowski is as much of a beast as Graham when healthy, but the timetable for his return remains unclear. He is worth drafting in the early rounds because of how dominant he will be when he plays, but the multiple surgeries he had over the offseason obviously make him a risk. Tony Gonzalez is also as close to a sure thing as you can get, though he won’t make the type of impact Graham or a healthy Gronk should.

But there are several other intriguing names out there, which is why we wanted to tell you about three of our favorite tight end sleepers: Jermichael Finley, Jared Cook and Zach Sudfeld.

A few years ago, Finley looked like a breakout candidate and a lock to become one of the top fantasy tight ends for years to come. It never worked out that way, and he has become more known for dropping passes than his game-changing ability. However, Finley has gotten past rumors that the Packers are looking to get rid of him and is entering a contract year. Not to mention, Green Bay’s coaches have been praising his work this offseason.

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Rob Gronkowski, Jared Cook, and Lance Kendricks Emerging as Sleeper Tight Ends

As we get closer to the start of the NFL season, we’ll continue to provide you fantasy football advice. We’ve given you tips on a few different running backs and quarterbacks thus far, and now it’s time for a few sleeper tight ends to keep your eye on.

Rob Gronkowski is a player I’ve targeted in each one of my drafts. Gronk was one of the two tight ends the Patriots selected early in the draft last season and he had a dynamite rookie season. He caught 42 passes for 546 yards and an impressive 10 touchdowns. More importantly for fantasy purposes, most of his stats came in the second half of the year as he became more comfortable in the offense. 28 of his 42 catches and seven of his 10 touchdowns came in the second half.

Reports have said Gronkowski was dominant throughout training camp and unguardable in the red zone. Tom Brady will rely on Gronk and fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez as some of his best weapons in the passing game. Gronkowski’s yardage numbers might not be great, but if the guy gives you 12 or more touchdowns, you can’t go wrong.

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