Jared Sullinger says he’ll never get a tattoo

One of the first things NBA rookies seem to do when they sign their first contract is hit the tattoo parlor. Finding an NBA player without ink is far more rare than finding one who has a tattoo, and it sounds like Celtics rookie Jared Sullinger is planning to remain among the minority. The 20-year-old former Ohio State star says he made a promise that he intends to keep.

“No tattoos,” he told CSNNE.com. “I promised my mother. You know if you break a promise, you’re not going to be living for the next days (laughs). I want to live as long as I can, so I’m not going to break that promise.”

In terms of body art, Sullinger will not be fitting in among his teammates. Jason Terry recently got this tattoo to symbolize how confident he is in the upcoming season and Kevin Garnett got some new ink during a trip to Canada this offseason, according to CSNNE.com.

The important thing here is that if the big man keeps his promise, he’ll never end up with a tattoo that looks as atrocious as this one. And that, my friends, is a very good thing.

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Andy Katz says Jared Sullinger has an interesting condition (Video)

If only I were so lucky. No wonder Jared Sullinger’s draft stock plummeted faster than Adam Sandler’s movie career and the Celtics were able to grab him late in the first round. He’s been packing too much heat to play effectively. It makes perfect sense now that he has back issues. Anybody would after years of carrying that extra weight around. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for him to play basketball with not one, but multiple dwarfs having fist fights for space in between his legs.

Obviously this is a slip of the tongue by Andy Katz, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that you now have the image of a couple of dwarfs fighting attached to Jared Sullinger’s crotch. On a side note, this easily has to be one of the best screw-ups we’ve ever featured on the site — and we’ve had some good ones.

Jared Sullinger not invited to the NBA draft as his stock plummets

Less than a year ago, we were talking about Jared Sullinger as a potential lottery pick in the NBA draft. In fact, many were surprised when he chose to return to Ohio State for his sophomore season, believing that the power forward would have likely be a top-five pick. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Sullinger has gone from top prospect to not valued highly enough for a spot in the green room.

According to ESPN.com, NBA executive vice president Stu Jackson said the league has decided to not invite Sullinger to the draft based on reports that he will not be selected within the first 15 picks. Jackson said at the moment “he is more likely to go in the teens or 20s.” This news, of course, comes only a week after a number of NBA team doctors told their front office workers that back issues will likely shorten Sullinger’s career.

Jared’s father and high school coach, Satch Sullinger, confirmed that the family has not been invited and will instead watch the draft from a restaurant in Columbus. He did, however, add that New Orleans, Portland, Golden State, Detroit and Toronto have hosted the former Buckeye for workouts — all of which have a pick in the top 15.

“I know we haven’t been invited and so we’re not going to go,” Satch Sullinger said. “Unless (Pistons GM) Joe Dumars said they like him at No. 9, we’re not going to go.

“He wants the opportunity to play. He knows he’ll play in the NBA. All it does is give him motivation. This just keeps him hungry and he’ll earn it. It’s a business. He’s going to play in the NBA, whatever number he goes doesn’t matter. He’s going to be like a top five pick in the NBA.”

If Sullinger’s injury issues are being overblown, he could be a steal for a team like the Celtics who are reportedly interested and picking later in the first round. We know the talent is there somewhere. The question is whether or not his back issues prevent Sullinger from using it.

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Jared Sullinger’s back red-flagged by doctors; Celtics still willing to gamble on him?

With the NBA draft a little over a week away, Jared Sullinger‘s draft stock could be taking a serious hit.

The Ohio State big man was evaluated at the draft combine last week by NBA doctors, and they have reportedly red-flagged the back of Sullinger, who previously missed a pair of games in December because of back spasms. ESPN’s Chad Ford has more:

A number of NBA team doctors have reviewed the information from the NBA and have told their front office staff that Sullinger’s back issues could shorten his NBA career, and some have advised their teams not to draft him in the first round.

Last year, Sullinger was a potential top-five pick. This year, he’s dropped a bit, thanks in part to the influx of other talented prospects also in the draft class, but was recently still projected as a lottery pick. But now he could probably see his stock continue to drop.

Naturally, those close to Sullinger, including his father and Ohio State coach Thad Matta, have downplayed the concerns about his back. Even still, this report might be enough for Sullinger to fall on NBA teams’ boards. Well, maybe except for the Celtics. Here’s Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico:

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Jared Sullinger: Ohio State acted like ‘spoiled brats’ during Michigan State loss

On paper, it appeared as though the match-up on Saturday between No. 6 Ohio State and No. 7 Michigan State could have gone either way. Anytime two top-10 teams meet, the outcome is difficult to predict. One would assume both sides would understand that going in, but that didn’t seem to be the case for the Buckeyes. Not only did they lose to the Spartans, 58-48, but Jared Sullinger says they did so without class.

“Honestly, we looked like spoiled brats out there, if you look at the tape — arguing with one another, complaining about calls,” Jared Sullinger said Monday according to the Detroit Free Press. “We didn’t play our system. That was the main thing.”

Ohio State’s shot selection was poor and they quickly became discouraged. The Buckeyes were considered by many to be a Final Four favorite before the season began, but they have created a number of questions for themselves since then. One of the issues has been Sullinger’s attitude, but his comments on Monday could indicate he is looking to become more of a leader.

No team stands a chance in the NCAA tournament without resilience, regardless of its talent level. Ohio State went 14-for-53 from the field and somehow remained within striking distance of Michigan State. Had they kept their wits about them, they may have been able to claw their way to a victory. They’ll need someone to step up and be a leader if they hope to make a deep run in March, and it would make the most sense for that someone to be Sullinger.

Purdue’s Student Section Makes Fun of Jared Sullinger Party in the USA Video

On Sunday afternoon, Purdue won its biggest game of the year when the Boilmakers beat Ohio State at home, 76-63.  Purdue’s student section, The Paint Crew, had as much fun during the win as you would expect and then some.  In the second half with Purdue leading by only five, Jared Sullinger stepped to the line to shoot free throws.  The entire student section began belting out Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA, ragging on Sullinger for the video he and his teammates made back in January.  Sullinger hit both free throws, but we’re giving the Paint Crew an A for creativity anyway.  Here’s the video, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks via The Dagger:

Sullinger tweeted after the game that he “loved it” and “it almost made (him) laugh,” so at least he was a good sport about it. As The Dagger mentioned, Clark Kellogg and Verne Lundquist failed to even mention what was going on while the student section was singing. A coordinated effort like that deserves a little recognition. Stiffs.

Jared Sullinger Says Wisconsin Fans Spit on Him Before and After Game

Wisconsin knocked off Ohio State on Saturday at the Kohl Center, handing the Buckeyes their first loss of the season. The Badgers fans rushed the floor after beating the top team in the country and apparently some of them were disrespectful. Buckeyes freshman Jared Sullinger wrote on his twitter after the game that he was spit on by fans. Here’s what he said, as pointed out by The Last Angry Fan:

BuckeyeNation if you ever decide to rush the court. Don’t ever spit on the opponents. Just a lil tip from me to you. … To be spit on is just nasty. On top of that in my Face. Before and after the game. Smh. I just kept walking. More fuel to the fire.”

SMH is short for “shaking my head,” but you could probably get the point that he was pretty disgusted by the actions of those fans. It’s pretty hard to dispute anything he wrote — why else would he say that stuff if it didn’t happen? If it did and no fight broke out, then I take my hat off to Sullinger for acting maturely. I can only imagine how radical the reaction would have been from other players if it happened to them. And that is truly surprising too — it doesn’t sound like Wisconsin fans at all.