Astros Got Pretty Decent Haul in Hunter Pence Trade

The Houston Astros have been hammered by many folks for trading away All-Star outfielder Hunter Pence at the deadline this year. I’ve always thought Pence was a pretty good player, but nothing special. His All-Star appearances have been more the result of circumstance (playing for the hapless Astros) than stellar performance. Still, he should help the Phillies who could use the offensive boost. The good news for Philly is that Pence is under team control for the next two seasons, so his salary shouldn’t get too ridiculous. But let’s not shrug this off as if it were a bad deal for the Astros.

Houston is the worst team in baseball this year. They’ve been at least 10 games under .500 the last two seasons. There really wasn’t too much upside for keeping Hunter Pence, so why not trade him and get some players in return? The Phillies wanted him and gave up four players, three of whom aren’t bad (the fourth is to-be-determined).

All three prospects Philly gave up are young, low-level guys but they have some promise.

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Phillies Prospect Jarred Cosart and Girlfriend Amber Hartman Have Public Break Up on Twitter

Twitter is a social media tool that can be quite useful for athletes. Many athletes get plenty of hate mail on there and sometimes have to close out their accounts to avoid the negativity, but it can be quite helpful for fan relations and building a brand. The UFC encourages all of its fighters to have a presence on there, and Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips uses it for community outreach. For all the positive uses twitter has, I’m pretty sure breaking up with your significant other is not one of the purposes for which it was designed.

That didn’t stop Amber Leigh Hartman and Jarred Cosart from doing just that.

On June 28th, Hartman, a writer and media personality in the Dallas-area, announced she and boyfriend Jarred Cosart, a Phillies pitching prospect, had broken up. Cosart replied on twitter saying “You shouldve written this correctly by saying the you and only you decided to go your separate way.”

At that point it appeared they had reconciled, but that wasn’t the end of the story. The Fightins kindly provides us with screen caps of what transpired next on twitter:

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