Jason Kapono’s Jump Shot Is Illegal

It probably isn’t much of a surprise to you that I’m a big Jason Kapono homer. And acting as such, I’m almost obligated to show you this video. Matt Watson at FanHouse brings to my attention that Jason Kapono can actually get off his jump shot (and make the basket) in under 0.3 seconds — 0.22 to be exact. Now why is that significant? The NBA says there must be at least 0.3 seconds left on the clock in order for a player to legally get off a shot, otherwise the game is over. Don’t believe he can do it? Skip ahead to about the 4:50 mark on the video:

Maybe the NBA needs to get more precise clocks with hundredths of a second on em, and maybe they need to amend that rule to 0.22 seconds or something — the Jason Kapono Rule.

Jason Kapono & Luke Walton Are Rich

I can’t even believe that I’m writing this. I remember watching them both play in college. Kapono was nice enough, and he was a star as a freshman. He was quite the sensation actually. But then his entire career went downhill after Steve Lavin took over as coach. He was immediately forgotten, drafted by the Cavs in relative obscurity, and left to rot away on the Cleveland bench. He even got off one of the greatest quotes in the history of the draft, saying he should have moved to Europe, grown a beard, and changed his name to Kaponovich. Then last year he gets revived with D-Wade hurt, and he becomes a scoring option. Next thing you know, he’s leading the NBA in 3pt percentage. And now, he’ll be getting paid $20 million for his talent. Amazing. Not that bad given current NBA salaries, but still absurd when you think about it. Good for Jason (and Ashley!).

Then there’s Luke Walton. Who as a freshman did not belong on the University of Arizona team. He was painfully slow on the court, unable to pick up the pace of the Pac-10 game. He had no business being on the floor with the likes of teammate Gilbert Arenas. But he eventually grew, developed, became a pretty good passer, and all-around good teammate. Now, years later, those talents are worth $30 million. That too, is an absurd amount of money.

I would like you to take a step back at this point and think about the amounts of money these two men are set to make. Then, think about what you do for a living and how hard you work at it. And think about how much you make. Then think about $24 and $30 million contracts. Yeah, makes you feel pretty crappy huh. All for Jason Kapono and Luke Walton. That is insane.