Jay Cutler on trucking Robert Golden: ‘Sorry, I’m not sorry’

Jay-Cutler-lowers-shoulderJay Cutler caused Chicago Bears fans to hold their collective breath on Sunday night when he lowered his shoulder and leveled Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Robert Golden instead of sliding. Cutler led with his throwing shoulder and chose to take deliver a huge hit rather than giving himself up. And for that, he will not apologize.

On The Jay Cutler Show with ESPN 1000′s Waddle and Silvy on Monday, Cutler was asked if he has any regrets about the play. We could have predicted his answer.

“No, I don’t,” he said, according to CSNChicago.com. “I know what I’m doing out there, but thanks for your concern, I appreciate it. We needed a first down. We were struggling in the second half with third downs and we had to make something happen. We wanted to make sure we … kept the clock going to try and continue the drive.”

[Video: Jay Cutler trucks Steelers defensive back]

Cutler’s 13-yard run gave the Bears a crucial first down on 3rd-and-10 in the fourth quarter. Chicago was only leading by a field goal at the time. Head coach Marc Trestman probably appreciates his quarterback trying to ignite a spark in his teammates, but he needs him under center in order for the Bears’ offense to continue its success.

“I understand everyone’s concern, absolutely,” Cutler added. “But I have to play the game and that’s how I sometimes have to play the game. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

“I’m not looking for you admiration, I’m just trying to pick up a first down in the fourth quarter. You’re watching it on TV, I’m in the moment, and I’m not going to miss the first down by half a yard because I had to slide.”

He has a point. Cutler was clearly beyond the first-down marker and probably could have dove head-first instead of absorbing the contact, but he was doing everything it took to pick up the first down. A quarterback that is too willing to take a hit is a good problem to have.

Jay Cutler trucked the crap out of Steelers DB Robert Golden (GIF)


Jay-Cutler-lowers-shoulderChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had arguably the best hit of Week 3 during his team’s win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. With Chicago leading 27-24 in the fourth quarter, Cutler took off and scrambled for 13 yards to pick up a crucial first down on 3rd-and-10. Steelers safety Robert Golden made the tackle on the play, if you even want to call it that.

Rather than sliding like most coaches kindly ask their quarterbacks to do, Cutler lowered his shoulder and trucked Golden. Bears coach Marc Trestman probably asked him to never do it again, especially since he led with his throwing shoulder. Here’s another look at the play:


The play was fun to watch, but it was also incredibly idiotic. Chicago is 3-0 and its new offense appears to be clicking nicely. The last thing the team needs is to lose Cutler because he didn’t feel like sliding. There will be plenty of time during the offseason to act like that oversized Pee Wee football player who loves to lay the lumber.

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Bears GM Phil Emery basically admits he fired Lovie Smith because of Jay Cutler

Lovie-Smith-Preparing-to-Face-SaintsThe firing of former head coach Lovie Smith back in December was an unpopular move among Chicago Bears fans. The Bears failed to reach the playoffs in 2012, but they finished the season with a 10-6 record. That type of success is usually enough for a coach to keep his job, especially one who had an 81-63 record and Super Bowl appearance during his nine-year tenure.

In an interview with Peter King of Sports Illustrated on Wednesday, Bears GM Phil Emery was asked about the team’s decision to fire Smith and replace him with Marc Trestman, who spent his last five seasons in the CFL. Emery implied that Jay Cutler had something to do with it.

“We were in a position where if he stayed, he would be picking his fifth offensive coordinator,” Emery explained. “Part of it was because I really believe looking at a team that if you’re going to have success, the most important relationship is between the head coach and the quarterback.

“I like our quarterback. I think Jay Cutler is very talented. He wants to improve. I know he needed to improve for us to be a championship team. When we were looking at making a change we knew that if we were going to do it we were going to make that the focus point. We had to work from that end.”

Incidents like this made it seem as though Cutler was very frustrated with the Bears’ offensive approach last season. He has already made it clear that he is excited to work with Trestman and unleash some new plays, so Emery’s comments aren’t all that surprising. They do, however, remind us that quarterbacks with big contracts generally get their way in the end.

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Jay Cutler wore phenomenal 1980s outfit for charity event

jay-cutlerChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his wife Kristin Cavalarri hosted a 1980s-themed fundraiser at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago on Thursday night. As someone who has been critical of Cutler in the past, I’ll be the first to admit that he absolutely destroyed the ’80s look.

Cutler went with a neon pink D.A.R.E shirt to go along with his bright-orange shirt, striped tube socks, and red sneakers. He looked like he had come to the event straight from filming a Madonna music video, but anything is acceptable in the name of charity. Check out the look:

Cutler told Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune that Kristin talked him into it.

“I think we all do things after we get married that we probably wouldn’t have done prior to marriage. That’s part of the deal,” Cutler joked. “You get dressed up sometimes in ridiculous outfits.”

Kristin must love the ’80s theme, because this isn’t even a first. Cutler dressed up in another fantastic 80s outfit for a birthday party a couple months ago, though it wasn’t nearly as flawless as the one he wore on Thursday night. Apparently this is just their thing, and I’m not mad at it.

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Ron Jaworski: Tony Romo not a top-10 quarterback; Jay Cutler has ‘plateaued’

Jay-Cutler-Tony-RomoFormer Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski has been ranking all of the NFL’s starting quarterbacks this offseason in a 32-part series on ESPN. Two signal-callers who may not like their ranking are Tony Romo and Jay Cutler.

On Monday, Jaws unveiled Romo as the 15th quarterback on his list. While Romo has had better stats than most quarterbacks in the league over the last several seasons and has never recorded a passer rating below 90.5, Jaworski pointed to his tendency to make mistakes in the clutch.

“I have always liked Romo, but his play in the final regular season game of the 2012 season with the NFC East title on the line still bothers me,” Jaws explained, via The Dallas Morning News. “You just can’t make mistakes, regardless of whose fault it is.

“It was the fourth quarter interception with three-and-one-half minutes remaining and the Cowboys trailing by three. That I just can’t forget. You can’t make a throw with no definition in that particular situation, regardless of the pressure.”

As we have highlighted several times in the past, Romo’s poor play when the game is on the line repeatedly hurts the Cowboys. Statistics nerds will point to his 9,087 passing yards and 59 touchdowns over the past few seasons, but winning is all that matters.

Cutler came in at No. 14 on Jaworski’s list on Tuesday. Jaws was critical of his lack of growth since he has come into the league. Via Rotoworld:

…Jaworski believes Cutler has ‘plateaued’ and failed to get better ‘from year to year.’ Jaws left the door open for Cutler to improve under new coach Marc Trestman, and still loves his willingness to ‘pull the trigger’ versus tight man coverage. But Jaworski believes Cutler’s sometimes overly aggressive mentality has made him an oft-undisciplined player prone to ‘reckless, undisciplined plays, bad decisions, scattershot throws.’ Added Jaws, ‘Marc Trestman will coach him hard. It is now up to Jay Cutler to accept that coaching.’”

It seemed to work for Brett Favre, but it hasn’t panned out for Cutler. Most people seem to feel that Romo is ranked too low and Cutler is ranked too high. Personally, I would take Romo over Cutler even with all the crucial mistakes he has made. Neither has accomplished anything throughout his career. Flip a coin.

Jay Cutler is smoking and wearing wig in great ’80s outfit (Picture)

Jay Cutler zubaz

Jay Cutler is turning 30 on Monday, and it looks like he and fiancee Kristin Cavallari began the celebration early.

Cavallari tweeted out the picture you see above on Saturday evening, calling Cutler “sooo sexy.” She also said they were throwing an ’80s-themed birthday party for the quarterback.

Ordinarily we’d clown on Cutler for looking goofy, but he’s actually (sort of) growing on us. How can you not love the wig, cigarette, bracelet, chain, pink sneakers, and amazing shirt and pants? The best part is the way he poked fun at himself for the whole “Jay Cutler is smoking” meme that took over the Internet (and yes, the cigarette is fake and just a prop, in case you were wondering).

Awesome costume, have fun tonight, kids.

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Jay Cutler confirms he mailed engagement ring on second proposal

Jay Cutler Kristin CavallariJay Cutler confirmed the story that everyone hoped was not true: he mailed an engagement ring to Kristin Cavallari the second time they agreed to get married.

Cutler and Cavallari broke up in July 2011, but they got back together a few months later and they now have a child together. They still have not been married (as far as we know), but that is likely to change soon.

During an appearance on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio last week, the Chicago Bears quarterback confirmed he mailed Cavallari the engagement ring the second time he proposed.

“Round two you can do it,” Cutler said of mailing the ring. “First time we were in Cabo. Did the whole thing on the knee, overlooking the sunset. The second time I think she had just left Chicago. We were at the airport talking about it. She’s like, ‘I want my ring.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t have it. I guess I’ll just mail it to you.’ And she’s like, ‘perfect.’ That’s just kind of how it went down.”

Even though Cutler mailed the ring the second time, he says that’s not something you can do if you’re proposing for the first time.

“The first go at it? No, that’s not acceptable.”

Cutler also said on the show that he got off Twitter because of the negativity.

The good news is thanks to Cutler’s comments, he may have escaped being grouped with Roy Williams when it comes to horrific proposals. Cutler also improved his likability factor by going on the show.