Video: Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins Brawl at Press Conference, Was it Real?

Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins are set to meet for a rematch of their December 18th draw on May 21st. The boxers had their pre-fight press conference on Monday and did exactly what a pre-fight conference is supposed to do — drum up interest in the show. An actual scuffle broke out between Pascal and Hopkins over Pascal suggesting Hopkins take a blood test to prove he was clean. Check out this video of their fight and let me know if you think it’s real or fake:

If you see B-Hop and Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy, you’ll see they’re both smiling and appear to be laughing. Maybe it’s a nervous laugh because they don’t know what’s going on, but fighting at a pre-fight press conference is the oldest promotional strategy around. Many writers seem to buy it thinking that the Hopkins’ anti-Canada viewpoint is fueling the feud (Pascal is from Canada and their two fights are in Quebec).

I certainly am not buying it. Not only is this a classic promotional move, but if Pascal were really concerned about Hopkins’ legitimacy he would have put the blood test stipulations into their contract, not drummed it up now. What do you think?

Bernard Hopkins Still Motivated by His Critics Entering Fight with Jean Pascal

Bernard Hopkins turns 46 years old in January and is the challenger in his December 18th fight with Jean Pascal on Showtime. Pascal is the WBO and IBC light heavyweight champion who gained his IBC belt beating Chad Dawson in August. At 28 years old, the French Canadian has age on his side in his bout with Hopkins.

The age difference doesn’t bother Hopkins who stays motivated by his critics. Speaking prior to his upcoming fight, Hopkins reflected telling the media “my life has been about proving people wrong. I thank you all for giving me the push that I desperately needed for my career.” Hopkins infamously spent five years in prison but went on to a successful boxing career afterwards, using his doubters as motivation.

Hopkins has a chance to make history by winning the fight. With a victory, he will become the oldest champion surpassing George Foreman who was also 45 when he beat Michael Moorer in 1994. Does being so old make Bernard a fan favorite? Not in his eyes — he says he thinks people 40 years and up are rooting for him but other people want him to lose because they want him out of boxing. Because he’s still effective at his age, Hopkins can probably relate to men like Joe Paterno whom people tried to force out, saying “nobody should be asked to leave his job before he is physically and mentally ready.”

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