Jeff Francouer tapped third base coach in nuts after hitting triple (GIF)


Kansas City Royals outfielder Jeff Francouer hit a triple in the seventh inning of his team’s win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night, and he was so excited he decided to hand out a jimmy tap. Typically when a player reaches first or third base they go with something like a high-five or a fist bump for the base coach. That’s not Francouer’s style.

As you can see, Francouer decided to give Royals third base coach Eddie Rodriguez a friendly tap in the nuts. It was nothing like this accidental fist-pump to the groin or this blatant punch in the nuts, but it was probably enough to wake Rodriguez up if he was starting to get bored as the Royals opened things up. I’m sure he appreciated it.

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Jeff Francoeur helps himself to a fan’s popcorn (Video)

If there were more players like Jeff Francoeur across professional sports, the in-stadium experience would be a lot more enjoyable for fans. Francoeur is a master of coming up with creative ways to interact with fans at the ballpark, and he was back at it again this week.

During a game against the White Sox on Tuesday, the Royals right fielder went into the corner to chase a foul ball. The ball ended up making its way into the seats, but Francoeur figured he might as well enjoy a snack since he already had to lean over the railing. He dug his hand right into a fan’s bucket of popcorn and walked away chuckling.

While the group of fans who received $100 from Francoeur for drinks during a game or the ones who got free pizza were a bit luckier than this fan, it’s still a pretty cool story to share with your friends.

Jeff Francoeur gives Royals fans $100 to buy drinks for the section (Video)

Through random acts of kindness, Jeff Francoeur is quickly emerging as one of the most likable players in Major League Baseball. Last month, the Royals outfielder gave $100 to fans in the bleachers in Oakland to buy beer with and ordered them 20 pizzas. Not wanting Kansas City to feel left out, Francoeur gave a similar gift to the home fans on Thursday night during a game against the Yankees.

As you can see from the video above, Francoeur — whom the fans refer to as “Frenchy” — tossed a baseball into the stands with a $100 bill wrapped around it and a note that said to buy some beer for the section. We hardly ever see players interacting with the fans in the way that Francoeur does, let alone handing out money so they can buy themselves a beer and showing his appreciation for those who come to support the team. Dude is A-okay in my book.

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Jeff Francoeur ordered 20 pizzas for rival fans because of bond over bacon

During Tuesday’s rain-delayed game in Oakland, Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur made some friends with the A’s fans in O.co Coliseum’s right-field bleachers, and it’s all because of a common affection for bacon.

“Bacon Tuesday” is a thing the fans in right field started last season when the Royals were in town. Somehow they got to talking about it with Francoeur, who professed his love of bacon to them. The next day, Francoeur threw the fans a ball with a $100 bill wrapped around it and told them to buy beer and bacon.

Flash forward to Tuesday night, when the Royals were playing their second game of a three-game set in Oakland and, you guessed it, the second “Bacon Tuesday” was taking place in right. During one of the rain delays, the approximately 20 fans came down to field level to chat with their new bacon pal and give him a couple of their bright green shirts that read “Second Annual Bacon Tuesday, Sponsored by Jeff Francoeur.”

“I’m going to wear it, and they’re getting me another one signed by the whole group,” Francoeur said, per the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s awesome. … Baseball to me is fun. We can take it too seriously sometimes. It’s nights like last night that makes it a lot of fun to play this game. It’s something more than just baseball. It’s interacting with fans and having an experience you can talk about.”

For Wednesday afternoon’s season finale, Francoeur surprised the fans with 20 pizzas that he had delivered to their seats. No word if there was any bacon on them.

“Next year, I guess it will be the third annual, and I’m going to get here early and eat bacon with them in the parking lot,” Francoeur said, according to MLB.com. “It’s been great, something special.”

Somebody should hit up Brittney Griner, too.

Here’s video of Francoeur interacting with the fans during Tuesday night’s game:

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