Jered Weaver would accept gay teammate; Robert Fick would be uncomfortable

Jered WeaverFormer MLB All-Stars — and yes, we say that lightly — Robert Fick and Dmitri Young have a new video podcast. They debuted their show on Tuesday, which was before San Francisco 49ers CB Chris Culliver’s homophobic remarks were publicized. The Southern California natives were joined by brothers Jered and Jeff Weaver (also from SoCal) for the show.

Jeff, Robert, and Dmitri were all teammates on the atrocious ’02 Detroit Tigers, while Young and Fick were later teammates on the ’07 Washington Nationals. Naturally, there was a high level of comfort among the guys, so the show had a very conversational tone.

About 17 minutes into the program, Fick and Young began actually discussing real topics. The first one they brought up concerned gay teammates in light of Torii Hunter’s anti-gay remarks that were publicized last month.

Fick, who openly cussed and referenced marijuana multiple times throughout the program, said he would be “uncomfortable” with a gay teammate. The Weavers took a different view.

“I don’t want a gay baseball player in my clubhouse,” said Fick. “It would be uncomfortable.”

Jered Weaver expressed his support, saying if the teammate is producing, “bring ‘em on.”

“If you’re hitting .300 with 40 and 140, bring ‘em on, you know? I think it would just be a shock at first, but it’s still your teammate in the long run,” said Weaver, as transcribed by Big League Stew. “They worked just as hard as us to get up to where we’re at.”

Fick reconsidered after Weaver made his point and said, “I’m sure I’d get over it.”

Jeff Weaver shared a similar opinion to his brother.

“Just let ‘em be the way they are,” Jeff Weaver said. “As long as they can hit or pitch.”

Young cracked a homophobic joke before saying, “to me, people are people so it doesn’t bother me.”

They then moved onto the topic of PEDs in light of the Biogensis bust revealed on Tuesday.

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How Long Before Jeff Weaver Gets Cut?

As far as dog shit pitching goes, Jeff Weaver is coming as close as you can get. And yes, I have the right to say this because I am an Angels fan and experienced exactly what Mariners fans are going through right now. In 2006, while getting paid over $8 million, Weaver went 3-10 with a 6.29 ERA in 16 starts, allowing opponents to hit .309 against him. Yes, .309, not a typo. Then he gets cut and picked up by the Cards where he became a World Series hero. So being this pitcher-shortened day in age, Jeff Weaver got signed to another one year deal, for a little over $8 million again. So let me break this down for you in simple chat room form: Jeff Weaver is getting paid multiple million dollars to get his head beat in. Witness his first four starts of the year:

  1. 2 INN, 7 ER, 2 BB, 1 K, Mariners lose 14-3. Weaver 0-1, ERA 31.50
  2. 6 INN, 7 ER, 1 BB, 3 Ks, Mariners lose 11-1. Weaver 0-2, ERA 15.75
  3. 3 INN, 3 ER, 7 BB, 0 BB, 3 Ks, Mariners lose 6-1. Weaver 0-3, ERA 13.91
  4. 0.1 INN, 6 ER, 1 BB, 0 K, Mariners lose 8-3. Weaver 0-4, ERA 18.26

Fuck it, Hargrove might as well just call in a forfeit ahead of time on Weaver’s turn in the rotation and spare his bullpen the work. Which brings me to … the when will Jeff Weaver get cut? Gentlemen…place your bets

When will that turd Jeff Weaver get cut?
Once he hits 0-10
When his weed stash is lower than his ERA
Never, he’ll turn it around
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