Mets get ‘Underdog’ t-shirts courtesy of Jeff Wilpon (Picture)

If there’s any team in baseball that fits the underdog description, it is without question a franchise playing in the country’s largest media market. Yup, the New York Mets are easily one of the biggest underdog franchises in sports. Well, at least that’s what out-of-touch COO Jeff Wilpon believes.

Wilpon, already known as a feisty character, had t-shirts with the U logo from the cartoon Underdog sitting in each Mets player’s locker Monday.

Manager Terry Collins is either kissing up to his boss, or he likes the idea.

“I thought Jeff had a great idea. He made some T-shirts up — ‘Underdog’ stuff,” said Collins. “You know what? If it ticks you off, then we’re doing our job. You’ve got to know how you’re being felt out there.”

Third baseman David Wright was less of a fan, but he understands the message.

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Jeff Wilpon Reportedly Got on Mets for Not Retaliating After Hit-by-Pitch

Bean ball wars are one of the most uncomfortable aspects of baseball. An ode to Hammurabi’s Code, this aspect of the unwritten rules of the game mandates an eye for an eye — hit my guy and we’ll hit yours. Often times these wars can get out of hand because the process will continue until one team decides not to respond or the umpires put a stop to it. After Mets infielder Justin Turner was hit by a pitch Thursday and the team didn’t respond, COO Jeff Wilpon reportedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the club.

Turner was hit in the 13th inning on Wednesday night to force in the winning run. The A’s were apparently upset he made little effort to move out of the way of the ball (it grazed him on his jersey), so they hit him in the leg in the first inning the next day. The Mets’ lack of response upset Wilpon who reportedly chided the team after the game Thursday.

If that is the case, then Wilpon was wrong for his reaction. He needs to keep in mind that Turner leaned into the pitch, barely was touched, and that allowed the Mets to win the game. It was a cheap way to win a game, so if the A’s wanted to respond by dosing him in the leg the next day, let them. What’s more important? Throwing back at another team for one guy getting hit, or getting a call in your favor after winning a game? Come on Wilpon, get your priorities straight.