Jeremy Schaap deals with giant moths at World Cup

Jeremy-Schaap-mothsESPN’s Jeremy Schaap was reporting live from the site of Team USA’s upcoming World Cup match against Portugal on Sunday, and the conditions were unlike anything he had ever experienced before. We’re not talking torrential downpours or scorching heat, either. Schaap was working alongside gigantic insects all day long.

At one point while he was on live TV, one giant moth landed on Schaap’s shoulder and another on his microphone. The US-Portugal game is being played at the Amazonia Arena, which is located extremely close to a massive rainforest in Manaus. This should help give you a better idea of just how enormous some of these creatures are.

I think it’s obvious that the US-Portugal outcome depends on which team’s players are more comfortable with giant insects. If one of these moths lands in Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair, he’ll either become useless or get so angry the United States won’t stand a chance. Let’s hope it’s the former.

GIF via SB Nation

Aaron Rodgers didn’t like Jeremy Schaap confusing him for Aaron Hernandez

Aaron-Rodgers-Giants-Faked-InjuriesAaron Hernandez and Aaron Rodgers have very few things in common, but obviously their first name is one of them. Given the fact that Hernandez has been arrested and charged with murder, you can understand why Rodgers would not want to be associated with him an any way. Unfortunately, a slip of the tongue from ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap on Wednesday briefly inserted the Green Bay Packers quarterback into the discussion.

Following Hernandez’s Wednesday afternoon arraignment, Schaap said the following during a live broadcast.

“There is a lot of evidence, albeit circumstantial, implicating Aaron Rodgers in the death of Odin Lloyd.”

Slips of the tongue are typically harmless, and you could make the argument that this one was as well. Although, it’s always important to keep your names straight when discussing a murder investigation. Rodgers sent the following tweet when he was made aware of the segment.

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ESPN Reporters Practice Backstabbing?

If Joey Votto doesn’t have to like his teammates at the All-Star Game, why should ESPN reporters have to play nice with their co-workers? According to some nifty reporting done by The Big Lead, they don’t. While Rachel Nichols and Jeremy Schaap are denying there was ever any type of friction between them, sources have told The Big Lead that Nichols tried to steal a Plaxico Burress interview from Schaap in August of 2009.

According to the report, Nichols was sending text messages to Burress when he sat down for an interview with Schaap to talk about his unlicensed gun case. Burress allegedly showed Schaap the texts and went on to conduct the interview. Sources say Schaap even told an ESPN news editor what had happened, although based on his comments today through ESPN PR he’d certainly deny that. Here’s what ESPN’s PR department had to say about the alleged incident:

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