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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Jeremy Shockey

Jeremy Shockey Rips Referees, Claims Twitter Account was Hacked

Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey ripped the referees for taking a touchdown away from him in the third quarter, but later claimed his Twitter account was hacked. With the Panthers down 24-20 to the Bears Sunday, Cam Newton hit Shockey for a touchdown. The touchdown was taken of the board because Shockey was flagged for…Read More

Jeremy Shockey Helped Save Teammate Ben Hartsock Who Was Choking

Jeremy Shockey can be considered many things. He’s a tight end, a party animal, and a guy who can be combative. We can add one more title to that list: life saver. The National Football Post says Shockey helped save teammate Ben Hartsock who was choking in the team’s lunch room Monday. Hartsock had a…Read More

Video: Jeremy Shockey and DeMeco Ryans Fight During Scrimmage

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before … Jeremy Shockey gets pissed off during a game and acts unreasonably. This is what happened Thursday during a scrimmage between the Saints and Texans. Sure, DeMeco Ryans may have been holding Shockey causing him to drop the pass, but Shockey’s reaction went overboard. And whatever he…Read More

So Jeremy Shockey Gets Passed Out Drunk and We All Have to Hear it?

Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. So Jeremy Shockey goes partying in Las Vegas, gets passed out drunk, and now it becomes a big story? The way TMZ told it it became absurd. They described the story as Shockey being found “unconscious” at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday in the afternoon. I guess “unconscious” would…Read More

Jeremy Shockey Fights with Drew Brees, Ends Up in Dog House

Jeremy Shockey isn’t exactly the most well-liked guy in the league. He pretty much ran his way out of the Giants and became a controversial figure in the playoffs because he was out with a broken leg and there were questions whether or not he’d be there to support his team during their games. The…Read More

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