Amani Toomer on Jeremy Shockey: He’s a ‘bad teammate, worse person’

Jeremy Shockey is a free agent, and from the sound of it he is hoping time truly does heal all wounds. Shockey did not leave New York on good terms. During the team’s Super Bowl run in 2007, he suffered a broken leg and was not able to play down the stretch of the season nor in the playoffs. Many believe that distanced him from the team. Then, there was also his discontent with the way the Giants were using him, as Shockey believed he should do less blocking and more pass-catching.

According to the NY Daily News, Shockey is now interested in reuniting with the G-Men. Amani Toomer, one of the tight end’s former New York teammates, thinks that would be a terrible idea.

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Jeremy Shockey’s Two Favorite Things are Jack Daniel’s and His Girlfriend (Picture)

Sorry, Carolina fans. Playing football just isn’t what it used to be for Jeremy Shockey.  We’re not quite ready to say that he isn’t trying to win games on Sundays or anything like that, but Shockey recently made it clear what his two favorite things in life are.  The image you see below appeared on Shockey’s Twitter account Friday night and was accompanied by a tweet that said, “The 2 loves of my life @danicortazar12 and jack daniels.”

No mention of Cam Newton.  No mention of Steve Smith.  No mention of the Carolina Panthers.  We already knew Shockey loved to party based on his past endeavors, but it’s sad to see the Panthers don’t have a true place in his heart.  Unless there’s a Shockey double out there who threw on a jail bird costume and hung out with his girlfriend for the night, he might have a tough time arguing his account was hacked this time.

Jeremy Shockey Rips Referees, Claims Twitter Account was Hacked

Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey ripped the referees for taking a touchdown away from him in the third quarter, but later claimed his Twitter account was hacked. With the Panthers down 24-20 to the Bears Sunday, Cam Newton hit Shockey for a touchdown. The touchdown was taken of the board because Shockey was flagged for offensive pass interference. Carolina ended up attempting a field goal that was blocked and they never took the lead.

After the game, the following message was sent from Shockey’s Twitter account:

Not long after the tweet was sent, one of Shockey’s friends claimed he was the one who sent the message. The “friend in Charlotte” apologized to Shockey for sending the vulgar tweet from the tight end’s account. Shortly thereafter, another tweet came saying “Wow never leave your acct open when on a road trip. Thx Pedro. Lol but some of it’s true.”

And of course came the obligatory “Got hacked by a friend,” tweet. I don’t know what the NFL’s policy on hacked accounts is, but I’m guessing they’ll treat the tweets just as if Shockey had made the statement to a group of reporters. It certainly didn’t help that he said some of the complaints were true.

Regardless, he certainly had a gripe. That was a weak pass interference call and it cost the team. But if he did feel the refs screwed up the call, why claim the account was hacked? If you’re going to go in, go in all the way. Don’t pull a Paul Pierce, stand by your word!

Jeremy Shockey Helped Save Teammate Ben Hartsock Who Was Choking

Jeremy Shockey can be considered many things. He’s a tight end, a party animal, and a guy who can be combative. We can add one more title to that list: life saver.

The National Football Post says Shockey helped save teammate Ben Hartsock who was choking in the team’s lunch room Monday.

Hartsock had a piece of pork lodged in his throat and tried drinking some water to clear it, but that didn’t work. According to Hartsock’s agent, one teammate tried to give him the Heimlich but was unsuccessful. Luckily Shockey stepped in to help and hit him in the back hard enough to make the meat come out.

Hartsock didn’t want the story to get out ostensibly because it’s embarrassing. Too late for that. At least it has a happy ending, right?

Jeremy Shockey: Players Told Lockout Will End Thursday, Camp Begins Friday

Jeremy Shockey has provided us with the best news possible. The tight end told Busted Coverage in an interview that the lockout will end Thursday, and that players have been told to report to camp on Friday. From his phone conversation with BC:

“The deal will be done Thursday and we’re being told to report to Charlotte for a three-day camp the 22nd through 25th. Obviously the details have to be completed, but this deal is done. The Hall of Fame game is a go. It’s a win-win for both sides.”

Shockey’s words coincide with what we’ve been hearing all weekend, but it sure is a huge relief to hear it from a player. They may have some details to work out, but it looks like things are almost set. Now all we have to do is start preparing for the actual season again. Who even knew Shockey had signed with the Panthers???

Video: Jeremy Shockey and DeMeco Ryans Fight During Scrimmage

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before … Jeremy Shockey gets pissed off during a game and acts unreasonably. This is what happened Thursday during a scrimmage between the Saints and Texans. Sure, DeMeco Ryans may have been holding Shockey causing him to drop the pass, but Shockey’s reaction went overboard. And whatever he started, the Texans certainly finished.

You see the shots #34 and #54 got in on Shockey there? Note to self: never start a fight in front of the opponent’s bench. Come on Shockey — that’s beginners stuff.

So Jeremy Shockey Gets Passed Out Drunk and We All Have to Hear it?

Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. So Jeremy Shockey goes partying in Las Vegas, gets passed out drunk, and now it becomes a big story? The way TMZ told it it became absurd. They described the story as Shockey being found “unconscious” at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday in the afternoon. I guess “unconscious” would just be their code for “passed out” which is how the rest of us laymen know it. Like for real, who hasn’t drank to the point that they were dehydrated the next day and pretty out of it? All this really means is that Shockey partied way to hard. The fact that TMZ calls it a developing story just shows how much they’re blowing crap out of proportion.

The only significant part of this story, aside from the idiotic way TMZ tries to turn it into a crisis situation, is that Shockey apparently isn’t too brilliant about the way he takes care of himself. I remember when he was featured on the cover of ESPN the Magazine. In the article, they described Shockey’s hard-partying ways and how he would be up all night drinking and partying even the night before an early morning practice. Even if Shockey could make it through a practice, you know that’s not the way he should be handling his business. That was a few years ago. It appears as if nothing has changed — he’s still not taking care of himself well. Any surprise his career’s been a bust based on the talent he possesses? I think not.