Jerome Simpson seems fascinated by his dislocated finger (GIF)

Jerome Simpson fingerMinnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson appeared to dislocate his finger during the fourth quarter of his team’s 14-13 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday, and he was pretty eager to try popping it in place. Simpson was staring at his finger as he went down and then as he cleared off the field. The trainers took a look at it on the sidelines.

If Simpson ends up with a Torry Holt finger down the road, you’ll know how it happened.

Jerome Simpson has sneakers and $600 tea set stolen from his front porch

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson learned a valuable lesson over the weekend regarding his personal belongings — don’t leave them on your front porch. On Sunday, Simpson took to Twitter to vent a little about some of his stuff that had gone missing.

Unfortunately, leaving his sneakers outside was not the only mistake Simpson made. He also left his Teavanna tea set on the porch, which he says is valued at $600. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Tevanna is a gourmet tea company. You probably could have guessed that when he said the thing costs $600.

Not cool, people. Whoever stole this stuff needs to return it, stat. What is a man without his sneakers and his tea brewing device? If Simpson needs help getting through this difficult time, I’m sure Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant would be happy to have a chat with him. Bryant knows a thing or two about having something stolen right off your own property.

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Jerome Simpson Explains Incredible Flip

Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson had one of the most incredible plays you’ll ever see in an NFL game. After catching a pass and breaking towards the goal line, he saw a defender in his way and decided to flip over the man and into the end zone. The former second-round pick from Coastal Carolina said after the game that the play was just a pure reaction.

“It was one of things that just came (on) instinct. I just wanted to make a play for my team and get in the end zone,” Simpson told reporters after the game. “It seemed like he was going to hit me and I didn’t want to get hit, and I used my athletic ability and my jumping ability.

“Yeah, that was one of the key points (of the play), me sticking the landing. I don’t think if I stuck the landing, it wouldn’t have been as exciting. But you know, I stuck the landing like a gymnast. A lot of the guys gave me a (perfect) “10” on it. I think it was like a 9 maybe, because I touched the ground (with my hand) a little bit. But I just wanted to make a great play for my team — you know, have a Merry Christmas and just be happy.”

Simpson says he’s jumped over a guy in a game before, but never with a flip and landing like that. He also had a play last month that was straight out of The Matrix. Simpson hasn’t lived up to his second-round billing for the Bengals, but he sure has left his imprint on the NFL.

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Jerome Simpson’s Wikipedia Page Updated with ‘Acting Career’ Section After Epic Flop

Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson has 3 100-yard games this season, including an 8-catch 152 yard effort against the Ravens in Week 11. Though he’s had some bright moments on the field, nothing he does in the future will ever compare to incredible flop he had against the Browns on Sunday.

Simpson was on the fringe of a scrum after Andy Dalton had lost a fumble before halftime. After getting pushed by Scott Fujita, Simpson jumped and went flying backwards as if he were an actor in The Matrix. It was awesome (video here). A day later, his Wikipedia page was updated to include an “acting career” section (click twice to enlarge).

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