Jerry Sloan says the possibility of him coaching the Magic is ‘very intriguing’

If Jerry Sloan truly has the itch to coach again, there are a number of teams who would have him. The Hall of Fame head coach seemingly called it a career when he resigned from his Jazz job in 2011. Despite never winning a championship, Sloan led Utah to 15 consecutive postseason appearances from 1989-2003. He is the only coach to record 1,000 victories with a single team and only the fifth in NBA history to eclipse the 1,000-win mark. Needless to say, Sloan’s resume speaks for itself.

With Stan Van Gundy having been fired on Monday, Sloan told Fox Sports Florida on Tuesday that he would be interested in coaching the Magic if the opportunity arose.

“Yes, I think so,” Sloan said. “It would be very intriguing. But they would have to be interested in me.”

If you’re skeptical about the 70-year-old truly wanting to return to coaching, consider the fact that he also said he has interest in coaching the Bobcats but has not heard from them.

“It’s not always about starting at the top,” he said when asked about Charlotte’s historically horrible 7-59 record.

Sloan says he needed to get away from basketball back in 2011 but he still has a “void of basketball.” As for whether or not he could coach Dwight Howard in the event that the Magic do not trade him, Sloan said that is for other people to decide. Do us all a favor, Jerry — stay away from Charlotte.

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Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan could be interested in Knicks coaching job

Now that the Knicks pushed out Mike D’Antoni, they could be in the market for a new head coach. Assistant Mike Woodson is the current head coach but that may be temporary. The real prized coach would be Phil Jackson.

Phil has spoken fondly of Madison Square Garden and New York, and it’s been said the Knicks job is the one that could bring him out of retirement. Of course, with Phil, he has to be confident the team can win a championship before he takes a job. He might not see that as plausible with the Heat and Bulls in the conference, but if he gets bored enough in retirement, he might be tempted to take the job.

Another candidate could be Jerry Sloan, who hasn’t coached since leaving the Jazz last year after clashing with management and Deron Williams. He reportedly was interested in returning to coaching as of January, and he reportedly would be interested in the Knicks job.

The New York Daily news has a full list of candidates for the job, and they mention both Van Gundy brothers as candidates. They also mention John Calipari who said he was happy at Kentucky, but who knows if that could change if his team wins the title this season. I certainly think Phil Jackson is a very strong possibility for the job.

Jerry Sloan Seems Interested in Returning to Coaching

Basketball teams in need of new leadership can consider another option as head coach: Jerry Sloan. In comments made to SI’s Sam Amick, Sloan made it clear that he’s willing to hear coaching offers.

“I think if the right situation came along, whatever that is,” he said before pausing to ponder. “I don’t know what the right situation is. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

“My energy level has changed a great deal since I quit coaching,” said Sloan, who is an avid walker. “It’s changed a lot now. I’ve had time to work out. I feel better.

Sloan has always been a well respected coach, so these comments will give certain teams something to consider. Along with Larry Brown and Phil Jackson, Sloan is another accomplished coach who is available. All three men are older and don’t have much time left as a head coach, but if I were an NBA team with a vacancy, I would certainly lob a call Sloan’s way.

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Utah Jazz Seemingly Choosing Deron Williams Over Coach Jerry Sloan

Things didn’t seem right Wednesday night after Utah’s home loss to Chicago 91-86. The Jazz dropped to 31-23 with the loss, while point guard Deron Williams had just 11 points and a game-high five turnovers. We knew something was wrong after the game because Jazz beat reporter Brian Smith was tweeting about a meeting Sloan was having with the team’s GM. This particular tweet suggested something wasn’t right: “Jazz’s Sloan appeared shaken up after game. Said he had a conversation with GM O’Connor. Would not discuss it.”

Sloan did say on Wednesday that we would find out Thursday what happened in the meeting, and we did when we heard that Sloan would be resigning. That obviously is code for “being forced out” as head coach of the Jazz.

Sloan led Utah for 23 years and was the longest-tenured coach in the NBA by far. It appears as if the reason for his dismissal as the team’s head coach is a year-long feud brewing with point guard Deron Williams.

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