Redskins Fans Burn Off the Last Cancer from the Old Team: Albert Haynesworth

Some Redskins fans have gotten carried away with the team’s strong start. Washington is 2-0 and a group of empowered fans believe all the team’s past problems are behind them. Evidence (some language NSFW):

Please tell me what burning an old Albert Haynesworth jersey has to do with anything. I realize the guy was fat, out of shape, and a cancer in the locker room, but why bring back painful memories? Then again, if I could explain why jersey burning was so popular to begin with, I’d be in the psychology business, not sports. Maybe it’s some sort of release for fans. Kind of like what will happen to Haynesworth if he doesn’t pick it up in New England.

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Video Credit: YouTube user CaptKaos47

Falcons Fans Burn Michael Vick Jersey Before Game (Picture)

Michael Vick remains a polarizing figure in Atlanta. The former Falcons franchise quarterback was beloved by the city. He let down the fans by engaging in illegal dog fighting which resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. Some fans still love Vick, but others in Atlanta are not as forgiving. Some of those angry fans decided to burn an old Michael Vick Falcons jersey in the parking lot prior to Sunday night’s Eagles-Falcons game:

Now I know what’s on your mind at this point … how did a Mets trash can end up in the picture? I can’t answer that question for you, except I will say that everything seems to go wrong for the Mets.

As for Vick, he now joins an exclusive club. Jay Cutler, Brett Favre, and LeBron James have all had their burned jerseys featured here at LBS. That’s some impressive company.

Picture Credit: Brett McMichael on Twitter
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Jay Cutler Jersey Burned by Angry Chicago Bears Fans After Loss to Packers

Sunday’s NFC Championship Game had to be one of the worst days in Jay Cutler’s pro career, if not the worst. Not only was he unable to do much against Green Bay’s excellent defense but he also got hurt. A knee injury forced him to leave the game in favor of Todd Collins, who eventually was replaced by a much more effective Caleb Hanie. Current and former players ripped Cutler for pulling out of the NFC Championship Game, and Bears fans were likewise extremely upset. It didn’t take much time for them to express their anger by burning his jersey, LeBron James style. Check out this video of Bears fans burning Jay Cutler’s jersey after their loss to the Packers:

This is going to be one long off-season in Chicago. September can’t get here soon enough if I’m Cutler.

Cavs Fans Burn LeBron’s Jersey

Seven years, six All-Star games, back-to-back MVPs, a scoring title, a finals appearance, and two 60-win seasons, and this is how the Cavs fans thank LeBron James? Of course it is — they’re the same bunch that booed the Cavs during the playoffs. Why would expect anything other than seeing them burn his jersey upon hearing that he’s leaving Cleveland for the Miami Heat? Here’s one of the many videos of Cavs fans burning LeBron’s jersey:

Typical ungrateful, insensible fans who don’t appreciate what they had. Hope they enjoyed those 60-win seasons because they might not win half that amount now.

Video Credit: YouTube user jiedlin

Raiders Fan Burns Russell Jersey

I know, I’ve been taking a lot of shots at JaMarcus Russell lately.  It’s not his fault the Raiders were stupid enough to take him with their first overall pick when LBS knew they shouldn’t.  And yes, I spent a good chunk of my efforts yesterday breaking down why Russell doesn’t stand a chance of starting for an NFL team any time in the near future — or ever.  But I just came across a video that is pretty funny and I had to share it — especially in lieu of one of JaMarcus’ ex-coaches calling him a “binge eater”.  Out of all the reasons to complain about Russell, the guy in this video clearly takes the most issue with his weight, which I thought was hilarious.  Also, if I’m not mistaking, the number and letters on this jersey are stitched, meaning it was probably relatively expensive so this guy must absolutely despise the ex-Raider.

Jersey burning has been a go-to move for fans in the past when players leave, or they are generally unhappy with them.  Packers fans torched Favre’s jersey after he signed with the division rival Vikings, but that was for a much different reason.  Fans were unhappy that the greatest Packer in history left Green Bay to sign with arguably their most hated rival — not angry at him because he wasted their time like Russell’s jersey burners. Here’s the video of a Raiders fan burning JaMarcus Russell’s jersey, courtesy of You Been Blinded via Sports by Brooks.

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Raiders Fans Burn JaMarcus Russell Jersey [You Been Blinded]

Packers Fans Commence the Obligatory Brett Favre Jersey Burning

Team legend switches franchises and goes to rival, fans get pissed off. You knew it was bound to happen. And how about Favre telling people to trust him that he’s not going to the Vikings to try and stick it to the Packers. Riiiight. Just like Favre only came back because his daughter wanted him to, not because his ego wouldn’t allow him to sit at home. Anyway, Packers fans as you could imagine are not too thrilled to see Favre wearing purple these days. Check out the ceremonial Favre jersey burning taken on by a few Packers fans here on YouTube (warning: language not safe for work):

You figure they would have come prepared for their bonfire with a little lighter fluid but I guess the zippo finally did the trick. I can understand Packers fans being pissed off and disowning him. I just can’t understand how Vikings fans are now falling in love with the guy to the point where they’re buying up thousands of season and invididual game tickets. Super Bowl odds going down? Are you kidding me? Did anyone see him with the Jets last year? He’s the reason they didn’t make the playoffs down the stretch. If he doesn’t break their hearts with interceptions now then he will later. He’s done.

Giants Fans Really Hate Jason Schmidt

Well, at least this one in particular sure does. I originally posted this story at MLB FanHouse where I chose to link to the video, so as not to frighten those with virgin ears. Therefore you have been warned. The following video contains explicit lyrics (and somewhat discomforting content). In other words, it’s NSFW: