Jim Rome asks David Stern if draft lottery was fixed, Stern asks Rome if he has stopped beating his wife (Audio)

Most people feel as though asking NBA commissioner David Stern if the draft lottery was fixed is a fair question. The Hornets did not have the odds in their favor before their ping-pong ball was selected, and conspiracy theorists feel as though it is not coincidence that New Orleans won the top pick and happens to be the only team owned by the league. When Stern made an appearance on the Jim Rome Show on Wednesday, Rome had no choice but to ask him the obvious question on everyone’s minds — including various league executives. Stern sounds like he is fed up with talking about it.

“I have two answers for that,” Stern said. “I’ll give you the easy one: No, and shame on you for asking.”

Rome then said he understood why Stern would say that to him but that it is his job to ask because people are wondering. Whether you like Rome or not, he’s right. Stern disagrees.

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Jim Rome and Shaq Bring Us the Latest Twitter War

It’s safe for me to assume we’re all aware of the Jim Rome/Jim Everett incident, right?  You know, the one where he called Everett “Chris” in reference to female tennis star Chris Evert and ended up getting pancaked for it.  If Rome thought that was a scary moment in his life, he should accept Shaq’s boxing match challenge.  After all, it’d be for a good cause according to the newest Boston Celtic.

Although Kobe does have more rings now, Shaq apparently got pretty pissed when Rome said that he “never approached the game with the dedication and discipline of Kobe Bryant.”  A war of the words on Twitter followed shortly after Rome made the comments on his show on Wednesday:

SHAQ: Jim rome, I am happy with my career and the legacy that I have left behind,obviously u r not happy wit yur legacy I 4got u have no legacy

SHAQ: And forget the back and forth jim rome, I challenge u to a boxing match, live at espn studios, show the world if u can bak up the tuff talk

SHAQ: If u wanna see shaq box jim rome live on espn. I do if he wins ill donate my salary to a charity of his choice

Rome finally decided to get in on the action after a few Tweets from Shaq, and of course back down and not agree to the fight:

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